Halloween Crafts and Activities For Kids

Halloween crafts and activities for kids

Halloween is such a fun holiday for kids and families. These ideas for Halloween Crafts and Activities For Kids will really ignite the spooky fun and create amazing memories!

Halloween is such a fun and spooky time for kids and families. These Halloween Craft and Activities ideas for kids will turn an already fun holiday and make it spectacular! There are loads of tips and ideas on this page from how to maximize your family fun, throw a great Halloween party, costume and treat bucket ideas, and loads of crafts and activities!

Halloween Crafts and Activities for Kids

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Celebrate Halloween with Kids

10 Fun halloween traditions to start with your family

This is a great place to start. All of the items on this Halloween bucket list will absolutely create some amazing memories for your kids.

fun halloween traditions

Fun Halloween Treats that aren’t candy

You don’t need candy to have a great Halloween with your kids. If you want to celebrate without all the sugar, check out these fun treats!

fun halloween treats that aren't candy

Super fun DIY Disney-themed treat buckets

Disney is the best, isn’t it? Why not make your own Disney-themed treat bucket.

spooky non-disney halloween trick or treat buckets

If Disney isn’t you thing, check out these really fun trick or treat buckets too!

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Buckets

family friendly halloween movies

There are so many great family friendly (ie: not too spooky) Halloween movies. You will want to watch some of these movies with your kids for sure!

family friendly halloween movies

Pick the Best Pumpkin in the Pumpkin Patch

Check out these great tips to ensure you bring home the best pumpkin ever!

pick the best pumpkin

The best pumpkin carving tips ever!

Once you get your pumpkin home, you really need these carving tips to make is spectacularly spooky!

best pumpkin carving tips

no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

But you don’t have to carve your pumpkin! There are so many fun options to decorate that don’t involve cutting!

dollar store googly eye no carve pumpkin craft for kids

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Halloween Printables

Halloween Costumes your Kids will love

Book Character-themed Costumes

Many schools have book parades instread of a traditional Halloween parade. Kill two birds with one stone with these adorable costumes!

halloween book character costumes for kids

Disney Princess Costumes

Great costume ideas for your Disney princess-loving kiddos!

disney princess costumes for kids

Best DIY Disney costumes that aren’t princesses

But really, not everything Disney is about the princesses. Check out these non-princess Disney costumes too.

disney costumes for kids that aren't princesses

Activities Printable Bundle

Halloween party ideas

Halloween Party Games for Kids

A great Halloween party needs awesome Halloween party games. Check out these fun and hilarious games!

halloween party games for kids

Spooky Snacks for Halloween

Make your kids squeal with delight when you serve these spooky treats. 

Activities to do if you want to Skip trick or treating

Trick or Treating isn’t for everyone. If you need some good reasons to stick to a party instead of going door-to-door, check out these amazing activities.

skip trick or treating

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Spooky Halloween Crafts- More Halloween Crafts and Activities for Kids fun!

no sew stuffed ghost

This cute ghost uses hot glue for a great stuffie.

no sew ghost craft for kids

no sew stuffed bat

And you can make this cute stuffed bat too!

bat craft for kids

Googly eye no carve pumpkin

Here’s looking at you kid… this Dollar Store no carve pumpkin is tons of googly-eyed fun.

dollar store googly eye no carve pumpkin craft for kids

Dollar store mickey and minnie no carve pumpkin

A fantastic and magical no carve pumpkin idea for all Disney lovers!

Dollar Store Mickey and Minnie Pumpkin Craft For Kids

super easy dollar store pumpkin craft

And this Dollar Store pumpkin is really easy to make and decorate.

dollar store pumpkin craft for kids

Spooky Spider paper plate craft

Younger kids will love creating these spooky spider paper plate puppets.

spooky spider paper plate crafts for kids

Tin can halloween lanterns

Great luminaries and decor idea that your kids will love creating with you.

tin can halloween lanterns craft for kids

Black cat cup craft

A fantastic craft that would be perfect for a Halloween party.

black cat cup craft

Black cat pom pom paper plate craft

This black cat isn’t scary at all.. great for younger kids.

Glue the black triangles to the top edge of the paper plate where the ears would be positioned.

spooky ghost cup craft 

An electric tea light makes these adorable ghosts really come alive!

ghost cup craft for kids

haunted window ghost popsicle stick craft for kids

Create this spooky scene with craft sticks and fun spooky paper.

haunted window ghost popsicle stick craft

Witch’s boots coloring pages

A free printable coloring page with a great craft technique.

Witch's Boots Coloring Pages

Jack-O-Lantern coloring activity with free template

Color these Jack-O-Lanterns and try out the line drawing craft technique.

Jack O Lantern Craft for Kids

oil pastel bat craft

These bats really create an eerie effect. 

oil pastel bat craft

haunted house oil pastel craft

Ooooh, so haunted! This is a gorgous craft that would be fun for adults and kids!

haunted house craft

haunted house craft with template

Here is another version of the haunted house but in purple.

haunted house oil pastel craft

Bat crafts your kids will love

Loads of fun bat craft ideas.

bat crafts for kids

Ferocious monster crafts for kids

Monsters will come out tonight with these fun monster craft ideas.

monster crafts for kids

Halloween toilet paper roll crafts for kids

And toilet paper roll crafts are always a hit with kids!

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Activities Printable Bundle

Kid Friendly Halloween STEM activities

spooky science activities for kids

Don’t let all this fun turn your kid’s brains to mush. These science activities are really fabulous.

spooky science activities

Candy science experiments

Candy isn’t just for eating. Your kids will not mind parting ways with their candy if they get to do these fun activities!

vampire blood slime

Vampire blood slime

I vant to suck your blood. Blegh. These Vampire Blood slime is so oozy and just really cool.

creepy eyeball slime

And don’t get too grossed out by this eyeball slime. It’s all in good fun!

eyeball slime

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