20 Disney Princess Costumes for Kids

20 Disney Princess Costumes for Kids

These 20 Disney Princess Costumes for Kids are perfect for Halloween, a trip to Disney World, or just for pretend play! This list has great ideas!

Every year there are more and more Disney movies coming out, and new princesses for our little girls to fall in love with. If you have a little girl in your family, then you know just how quickly her favorite princess can switch from Elsa to Jasmine.

Whether you are searching for a Halloween costume or just dress-up costumes for your little one to enjoy, you can’t go wrong with a Disney princess costume!

While some of these can get pricey, it is Disney after all, many are surprisingly on the affordable side of costumes! Here are 20 Disney princess costumes for kids.

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  1. Elsa Costume– With the release of Frozen 2, you can bet tons of aspiring ice queens will want to dig deep for their super powers with this Elsa costume!
  2. Belle Costume– Can you just imagine your daughter dancing with Beast in the Grand Ballroom at the end of the movie? 
  3. Moana Costume– Your little adventurer will be ready to take on any Demi-God (I mean, challenge) with this great costume on!
  4. Aurora Costume– Your child won’t be sleeping much on Halloween night, but she will definitely be beautiful. This costume is gorgeous!
  5. Anna Costume– Elsa doesn’t get all the magic! Let your daughter’s grit and determination take center stage with this Anna costume.
  6. Cinderella Costume– Transform your daughter’s bike into a pumpkin carriage and away you go!
  7. Snow White Costume– Trick or Treat! Just don’t bite into any apples!
  8. Tiana Costume– Get ready to party in New Orleans with this great Tiana get up!

  9. Mulan Costume– Warrior Princess.. sign us up! Such a fun costume idea!
  10. Sleeping Beauty Day Dress– Aurora didn’t always sleep. She had fun dancing with woodland creatures too!
  11. Jasmine Costume– Set off on grand adventures with Raja and the Magic Carpet with this fun costume!
  12. Little Mermaid Costume– Such a great way to pretend to be a mermaid!
  13. Rapunzel Costume– Don’t forget the very, very long hair extensions!
  14. Belle Day Dress– Belle’s town dress was very pretty too! 
  15. Merida Costume– Let your daughter get feisty like this Irish princess!
  16. Mal from Descendants– It’s so good to be bad, right? Or it’s good to be good. Or, Descendants is just so much fun!

  17. Little Mermaid Day Dress– When Ariel isn’t swimming she is trying to find her voice. Help your daughter find hers with this costume.
  18. Elena of Avalor Costume– Not a bad look for being trapped in a necklace for many, many years.
  19. Sofia the First Costume– Such a fun princess, especially for toddlers and preschoolers!
  20. Princess Leia Costume– May the Force Be With You… and your daughter. This costume rocks!

Disney Costumes aren’t just for Halloween!

These are great costumes to bring to Disney World on your next trip too! AND Halloween costumes tend to be less expensive than regular costumes.. so stock up! If you are going to Disney World you will want to check out these posts too!

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