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Amazing DIY Slime Recipes

Amazing DIY Slime Recipes

These DIY Slime Recipes are really fantastic and your kids will love making them whether they are slime experts or slime novices! Great, fun, messy ideas!

Do your kids love making slime? Or, are you a slime novice? Or maybe slime… curious? Well, if you are into slime.. at all, this guide is perfect for you! These really are amazing DIY Slime Recipes and are great for special occasions, camp, or just a way to spice up a boring afternoon!

diy slime recipes

So many DIY Slime Recipe ideas

15 Edible Slime Recipes for Kids Who Love to Eat Slime

Ummmm… you know your kids will want to stick the slime in their mouths. lol. So, why not make it easy with edible slime?

15 Slime Recipes with Four Ingredients or Less

Making slime doesn’t have to be hard. Try one of these super easy slime recipes!

The Best Fluffy Slime Recipes Kids Will Want To Play With For Hours

Fluffy slime is so much fun to play with. It isn’t really slimey actually… it’s more soft. 

15 Metallic Slime Recipes For Kids

These metallic slime recipes really shine!

slime recipe ideas that would be great for summer camp!

Super Cool Glow In The Dark Slime

Seriously, this slime glows in the dark. Super cool!

Glow in the Dark Slime

Super Amazing Color Changing Slime

Wow.. really amazing color changing slime. And it’s super easy to make!

color changing slime

The BEST Galaxy Slime Your Kids Will Go Crazy For

Great for a space-themed day or party. Or, even Star Wars! A really fun slime!

DIY Slime Recipes

How To Make Ocean Slime

The blue color is so bright. Great for plastic ocean animal toys.

How To Make Ocean Slime

Super Fun and Ferocious Dinosaur Slime

Ferocious prehistoric slime for a fun day of play.

DIY Slime Recipes

Polar Bear Puffy Slime

Polar Bear slime would be so fun to make on a snow day!

polar bear puffy slime

So Divine, Shimmer and Shine Slime!

If your kids like these genies, they will love Shimmer and Shine slime!

shimmer and shine slime

DIY Slime recipes for year round holidays

How To Make Valentine’s Day Slime

Cupid has nothing on the sweetness of this slime!

How to Make Valentines Day Slime

Super Bright And Happy Rainbow Slime!

One of my favortie slimes… the colors are so bright!

DIY Slime Recipes

Creepy Halloween Eyeball Slime

Ewwww! Eyeball slime for Halloween!

eyeball slime

Vampire Blood Slime Your Kids Can Sink Their Teeth Into

This is a really creepy blood slime. Yikes!

vampire blood slime

DIY Apple Scented Slime

If you love the smell of apples, you will love this apple slime.

DIY Slime Recipes

Pumpkin Spice Slime

And more delicous fall scents… pumpkin spice slime!

pumpkin spice slime

Glowing Frankenstein Slime Jar

Frankenstein glow in the dark slime is so spooky!

Frankenstein Slime

Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Slime Jar

And don’t forget about Jack-O-Lanterns!

Jack O Lantern Slime

Edible Gingerbread Slime- Smells Amazing!

You will want to gobble this Gingerbread slime up… as well as play with it!

edible gingerbread slime

Santa Belly Slime Jar Christmas Craft For Kids

Make a great stocking stuffer with this Santa slime jar.

Super Sparkly New Year’s Eve Slime

Ring in the New Year with this fun and sparkly slime!

new year's eve slime

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