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Super Fun Aladdin Printable Activities Pack For Kids

Super Fun Aladdin Printable Activities Pack For Kids

This Aladdin Printable Activity pack is great fun for kids, an Aladdin-themed party, or to get excited to see any of the Aladdin movies!

With the live action version of the Disney classic Aladdin opening in theaters, now is the perfect time to plan activities around Jasmine, Genie, Abu, and of course our favorite petty thief Aladdin. Whether your kids are excited about the movie, you are planning an Aladdin themed party, or you just want a fun way to pass the time, this Aladdin Activity Printable Pack is an awesome idea!

Aladdin Activity Printable Pack

This Aladdin Printable Activity Pack is best suited for Early Elementary Age (my 6 year old loves it!) but even younger kids will get a kick out of some of these games!

Aladdin Word Search

Word Searches are such a great and sneaky way to dress reading practice up as a fun game. All of these words are straight from the movie but aren’t so hard that younger elementary kids can’t find them.

Aladdin printable pack

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Aladdin Cross Words

This game might be a little challenging for Kindergarten and 1st graders. But with a little prompting from Mom and Dad, kids will love figuring out the word clues to solve this crossword puzzle! Again, learning disguised as fun!

Aladdin printable activity pack

Aladdin Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is our family’s favorite way to pass the time before the food arrives at a restaurant. The only problem is usually the kid menu only has a few Tic Tac Toe boards. Have no fear, you will not run out with this printable game sheet!

Aladdin printable activity pack

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Aladdin Dot Box Game

Another game that is great for when you have to wait, just try and make more boxes than your competitor! There is a surprisingly high level of strategy with this game. It can get very cut throat (in a fun and loving way). 

Aladdin printable activity pack

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Aladdin MAze

This is a great activity that kids can work on independently. This maze would be challenging for early elementary kids, but not too hard. Still, it might be too much for preschoolers. 

Aladdin printable activity pack

Aren’t these games so much fun? You can download the entire Aladdin Printable Activity Pack now! It is absolutely FREE for subscribers! Plus, if you subscribe you get access to the entire FREE Printable Resource Library (tons of free content) and other fun kid’s activities and family travel tips every week via our newsletter. It’s easy to join the party. Just click on the photo below to get access now!

family fun free printable resource library

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