FREE Printable Father’s Day Coloring Cards!

FREE Printable Father’s Day Coloring Cards!

Dads matter. These free printable Father’s Day coloring cards are so cute and an easy way for kids to honor Dad for Father’s Day.

Kids need great Dads. It’s true and it’s backed by science. But you didn’t need me to tell you that because you already know. You see how your daughter nuzzles into your husband’s lap as they read Green Eggs and Ham one more time. 

On rainy afternoon’s your kids squeal with delight as they help you bake Nestle Toll-house Chocolate Chip cookies. As the smell of baked chocolaty goodness fills the house, the kids proudly put a few freshly baked cookies on a plate, fill a glass with ice cold milk, and bring Dad an afternoon snack. Dad gives them a hug and proceeds to enthusiastically gulp the cookies down in a few short bites.

At soccer practice, Dad is right there to cheer on your little defender. He knows your son’s strengths and weaknesses because the two of them have spent endless hours kicking the ball back and forth. When your son wrests the ball from the other team, the loudest hurrah is from Dad. When your son gets a little banged up, Dad is the one to carry him off the field so bandages can be applied.

Dads matter. 

These coloring cards are such a fantastic way for even young kids to tell Dad how important he is to their lives. 

printable fathers day coloring cards

What should you write in the cards?

Aren’t the cards so cute?

Here are some ideas:

  • You are the best Dad!
  • I love you Dad
  • You are the best Dad ever!
  • Thanks for everything you do Dad!

How do you print them?

These cards are really easy to print out. I would use a sturdier quality printer paper if you want them to feel more like cards. But either way, just print out the FREE template and fold the cards in half. 

These cards, as well as the entire Printable Resource Library, is FREE for subscribers. To get access, just click the photo below, subscribe to the newsletter, and immediately receive access! 
family fun free printable resource library

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