FREE Printable Father’s Day Book For Kids To Make

FREE Printable Father’s Day Book For Kids To Make

This FREE printable father’s day book is ideal for kids to make and give to Dad. Such a great idea and free!

I am so excited to share this FREE Printable Father’s Day Book for kids to make with you!

You see, my daughter is in 1st grade and her ability to read and write has exploded this year! It is so much fun to watch. She loves writing notes, cards, posters.. any chance she gets to cobble letters together to make words, she takes it. Bonus points if those words are in her favorite colors (pink, purple, and blue thank you very much).

Any kid who is starting to get better at writing will love creating this printable Father’s Day book for their Dad this year. 

Of course, even older kids will love it because it is so versatile and so personal. 

Keep reading to find out more (including how you can snag your Father’s Day Appreciation Book printable at the end of the post)!

free printable father's day book for kids to make

Dear DAd, I appreciate you! Love, ________

Even the cover of this mini kid-made Father’s Day book gift is personalized and adorable! 

free printable father's day book for kids to make

Dear Dad– a Guided Love Letter (awwwww)

Sometimes kids have a hard time thinking of exactly why they love Dad. Clearly, Daddy is the center of their universe, right? But how does a 6-year old– or even a teenager– give the kind of details that will warm Dad’s heart? That is why I love this guided letter page. 

Older kids will totally be able to fill this in by themselves but Mom might need to help early readers and writers to fill in the blanks. Of course, even preschoolers and pre-readers can get in on the action. If your kid can’t write well enough to fill this in yet, just write what they say. I am sure their answers will be heartfelt and years from now, Daddy will cherish reading this letter again and printable father's day book for kids to make


Me and My Dad– Picture time!

This page has so much potential! You kids could either draw a picture of them with Dad. Or, you can snap and print out a favorite photo of them together. 

The space below is more free flowing than the guided letter from the previous page. Your kids could continue the letter in this space. Or, you could even take the opportunity to tell a favorite story of Dad and your son or printable father's day book for kids to make

What Other People SAy

There are two pages (6 spots) of testimonials to Dad’s greatness in this section. Have your kids ask Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles and Aunts, cousins, the neighbors.. even the dog this simple question– What do you like or appreciate about my Dad? 

Clearly, this is a lot of writing for younger kids. Mom or an older sibling or grandparent may have to step in and write some of the words.. but that is ok. Make sure you let Dad know who appreciates him for what!

free printable fathers day book for kids to make

Things I want to do with you

It’s a Daddy-Child Bucket List! Brainstorm a list of fun or sweet things your kid can do with Dad. Some ideas to get you started could be:

  • Go for a walk
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Play mini-golf
  • Practice bike riding
  • Play video games together
  • Go on a Daddy movie date

free printable father's day book for kids to make

Love coupons For Dad

Love coupons are always a great idea. I especially love the fact that even young kids can give something meaningful that doesn’t have to be a tie or other knick knack from Five Below (not that there is anything wrong with Five Below. ha). The list has been started for you, but here are some other ideas:

  • Clean out Dad’s car
  • Dad gets to pick the music on the next car trip
  • Dad gets to sleep in
  • Bake Dad chocolate chip cookies

free printable father's day book for kids to make

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