8 Silly April Fools Pranks to Play On Your Kids

8 Silly April Fools Pranks to Play on Your Kids

If you have a jokester in your house, April Fool’s Day is the perfect time for payback. These silly April
Fools pranks you can play on your kids will have your entire family laughing out loud. These simple tricks
are easy to put together but have a big impact, ensuring everyone involved has a blast on April Fool’s

april fools day pranks on kids

Milk and Cookies

april fools day pranks on kids
Make your kid’s favorite after school snack a little harder for them to eat with this funny trick. Pour some
milk into a clear glass and add powdered gelatin to the cup. Stir to combine and allow to sit for a few
minutes before you serve it. As it sits, the gelatin will solidify, turning the milk into a glob of undrinkable
goo. When your kids get home from school, set out the cookies and milk on the table and watch the
show. They’re sure to hilariously attempt to drink the milk or dunk their cookie to no avail!

Frozen Breakfast

april fools day pranks for kids
You’re sure to get a reaction from this one – especially if your kids aren’t morning people. After you put
your kids to bed the night before April Fool’s Day, start preparing your kid’s breakfast for the morning.
Make them each a bowl of cereal, then place the bowl in the freezer. You could even stick a spoon in the
bowl for good measure. In the morning, give your kids their breakfast and see how they react this silly

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Jell-o Juice

This silly trick is a play on the milk and cookies prank mentioned above. Your kids will love the funny
prank that easily turns into a sweet snack after you’ve played the trick. After you drop your kids off at
school, mix up a little Jell-o. Pour the mixture into a clear plastic cup and stick a straw inside. Orange,
cherry, or strawberry gelatin works best for this trick. Orange can take the place of orange juice, while
cherry or strawberry works well as “fruit punch.” Let the gelatin set for at least four hours before you
serve it. When your kids get home from school, offer them the refreshing “drink.” The reactions you get
as they try to drink their juice will surely be priceless!

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Clothing Swap

If you lay out your kid’s clothes for them each morning, this silly prank is perfect for you! Instead of
laying out your child’s clothing, grab a few clothes from your own (or your husband’s) drawer instead. Or
take a few minutes before the kids go to sleep to swap the clothing in their drawers with adult sized
clothes. When they put on their clothes on in the morning, make a big deal of how much they must have
shrunk overnight.

Magic Cereal

Food coloring can be your best friend on April Fool’s Day, especially if you have young children at home.
They’ll be mystified by this simple magic trick. Add a few drops of food coloring to your kid’s cereal
before you pour the milk. Ask them to watch their cereal do some magic as you pour the milk and see its
color change from white to blue (or red, green, whatever color you choose)!

Disappearing Money

april fools day pranks for kids

No child can walk away from found money, making this simple prank a perfect one to pull on your kids
on April Fool’s Day. Tape a piece of clear fishing line to a dollar bill and lay the money on the floor. Then,
take the other end of the string and hide out of their sight. Each time they reach for the bill, pull the
string, making the money move out of their reach. Keep pulling until the dollar reaches you or your child
figures out it’s you controlling the money.

Snack Attack

april fools day pranks for kids
One sure-fire way to prank your kids this April Fool’s Day is to mess with their snacks. There are tons of
great ways to fool your kids when it comes to food. Oreos are the perfect snack to “improve” upon on
April Fool’s Day. To trick your kids with Oreos, take a few out of the package and scrape out the stuffing,
then replace the icing with toothpaste. Or you could make their Cheetos a little healthier on April Fool’s
Day. Simply open a snack size bag of the cheese curls and replace the chips inside with carrots. Then,
reseal the bag using double-sided tape and offer it to them as an afternoon snack.

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Electronic Tampering

Here’s a simple prank you can pull on your kids and their dad at the same time – mess with their
electronics. Place a small piece of clear tape over the sensor on your remote control for the television
and gaming controllers. The tape will block the control’s sensor, making it inoperable. Watch and try not
to laugh as they frantically work to solve the problem by pushing random buttons or replacing the batteries!

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