15 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

15 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Wondering what to get your Dad for Christmas? Check out these unique Christmas gift ideas for Dad that he will really love!

Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be a challenge – especially if it seems like your dad has everything. That means you’re going to need some truly unique gift ideas to wow your dad this holiday season. When you give one of these unique Christmas gift ideas for dad, you can be sure he’ll love it!

christmas gift ideas for Dad

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Survival Gear Emergency Kit

Make sure dad is prepared for anything with this survival gear emergency kit. This 12-in-1 kit comes with everything he’ll need to survive just about any disaster, including a survival knife, wire saw, emergency blanket, flint, and compass.

Beard Care Kit

Help dad keep his beard looking amazing in the new year by giving him a beard kit this Christmas. This amazing kit comes with everything he’ll need to tame his beard, like a beard comb, trimmers, beard oil, beard balm, and beard shampoo.

Grilling Spice Set

With this big grilling spice set, Dad will have everything he needs to grill up some delicious dinners. The set comes with 20 different BBQ rubs and spices ranging from spicy to classic flavors.

Beanie with Head Lamp

Dad will never get lost in the dark again with this handy hat! This comfortable beanie comes with a rechargeable LED head lamp built right in, so he won’t have to worry about being stuck in the dark.

Engraved Aging Barrel

With this cool whiskey aging barrel, dad can blend up his own whiskey right at home. The handcrafted oak barrel features a personalized engraving on the side, making the perfect unique gift idea for Dad this Christmas.

Turtlebox Outdoor Speaker

Make sure dad can listen to his favorite music where ever he goes with the help of the Turtlebox outdoor speaker. This heavy-duty speaker system is waterproof and shock resistant, which means it can withstand any challenges your dad puts it through. And the Bluetooth set-up ensures he can play all his favorite music without any issues.

LuminAid Lantern and Charger

Do you have an outdoorsy dad who loves camping? The LuminAid PackLite lantern and charger is a great gift idea! The solar powered lamp can provide him with 50 hours of light and charge his phone using the attached USP port. And since it’s waterproof and shatterproof, it’s perfect for any outdoor activity your dad enjoys.

Titanium Grilling Tongs

With these amazing titanium tongs, your dad gets three handy grilling tools in one. One side is a spatula and the other is a long spork. They can be used separately on the grill or attached into a useful pair of grilling tons.

Smart Fish Finder

Help your dad catch the big one the next time he goes fishing with the help of this smart fish finder. The LED sonar fish finder syncs directly to his phone, allowing him to see where the fish are from the top of the water.

Dual Chamber Water Bottle

This handy dual chamber water bottle is so much more than a traditional water bottle. The inner waterproof chamber can hold your dad’s favorite snacks or small items, like his keys, while he’s on a hike.

Cube Key Finder

Is your dad always losing his keys? With the help of the Cube key finder, he can easily find those lost keys in no time. The Cube allows you to find the lost item with the help of vibrations and a flashing light. Or connect it to an app on your phone and use GPS location to find the lost item. 

Phone Case Wallet

With the help of this phone case wallet, your dad can carry everything he needs right with is phone. The leather case holds up to three cards, making it a great way to carry all his important items together in one case.

Charging Desk Organizer

This handy charging desk organizer will help dad keep his desk neat and tidy. He can store all his important tech right on his desktop and charge the items at the same time. The organizer also comes with small containers to store common desk items, like pens and paperclips.

Anti-Theft Travel Wallet

Dads who love to travel need this handy anti-theft travel wallet. The wallet features an anti-theft RFID card, along with a hidden sleeve to hold cash and coins. And the wireless charging power bank inside the wallet can help dad keep his devices charged while he’s on the go.

Travel Tech Organizer

Make sure dad never forgets his charging cable the next time he’s on the road with this travel tech organizer. The travel-size pouch will help him easily store all his power cords, plugs, and adapters in one place.

Portable Cereal Cup

This fun cup will ensure dad never has to eat soggy cereal again! He can easily take his cereal on the go with this portable cereal cup, which features an interior cup for the cereal and an exterior cup for the milk.

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