Santa Official Nice List Certificate- FREE Printable Kit!

Santa Official Nice List Certificate- FREE Printable Kit!

This Santa official nice list certificate is the perfect way to keep the Christmas magic alive for your kids. A FREE Printable Santa Kit!

Christmas is a magical time of the year but keeping the magic alive for kids can prove quite the challenge. Why not try to keep it family and friends oriented.

Toys are fun, but the things that children remember most are the activities you do together.

Bake cookies, tour the Christmas lights, and read your favorite Christmas books, Activities like these will bring more magic than any toy ever could.

Visit Santa! No really. Take some time and visit Santa.


Santa Official Nice List Certificate FREE Printable

Even the biggest kid will catch the Christmas spirit when they visit the big guy! Try visiting in the slow hours if possible. It makes for a more delightful experience, and they get more time.

Family Traditions at Christmas are so important

Break out the family traditions because this is the best time of year to talk about your family and the traditions you keep. Kids love hearing stories about where they came from and why you do things every year.

Bake grandma’s super-secret cookie recipe, sing a traditional song or teach them why you hang the mistletoe above the door.

Traditions are precious. Keep them going, and when your kids are older, they’ll still hold on to that magical feeling every year.

Help your kids give back this holiday season!

Have your kids Elf a neighbor, or a friend! Have you ever done this? You gather up small gifts or maybe put together a movie night bucket and drop it on a friend’s doorstep without them knowing it! Kids love to do this. They get a chance to play Santa and spread some Christmas joy.

Don’t forget to write a letter to Santa!

A super fun way to keep the Christmas magic alive is to help your kids write a letter to Santa. Do you know what is even better? When Santa writes you back! Included in the Santa kit is a nice kid certificate and a letter from Santa Clause. They will be delighted, and it keeps the Santa years around just a little bit longer.

What’s in the Santa Official Nice List Certificate Kit?

This Santa Kit has everything you need! It includes a customizable certificate straight from the North Pole. There is a place to type or write in your child’s name and let’s them know that Santa has them on the “nice list.”

It even has Santa’s special seal! There is a personalized letter straight from Santa himself. He talks about life in the North Pole and it is done in such a way that your kids are sure to believe in that Santa magic for years to come.

Finally, there is a blank certificate that you can fill in however you’d like as well as a letter to Santa for your kids to send off!

Get Instant Access Here!

Click to download the certificate kit!

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