North Pole Express Kit FREE Christmas Printable!

North Pole Express Kit FREE Christmas Printable!

The North Pole, with all of its fun and magical qualities, is one of the most well-loved parts of Christmas! Even if you don’t live in a climate that offers the North Pole flurries, you can easily hop aboard your “North Pole Express”, aka vehicle, and go on an imaginary adventure to find that beautiful white snow!

north pole express free christmas printable

How to Turn Your car into the North Pole Express

But wait! Before you leave the house, grab your favorite Christmas lights map and some cute North Pole Express tickets! Now, hand in your ticket to your “conductor” and hop aboard! Now that you’ve been permitted on board, ask the conductor to crank up your favorite holiday tunes and sing a-long!

north pole express printables

Don’t forget to sing “Jingle Bells”! It would actually be fun to bring your own bells to ring on your ride to the North Pole!

north pole express printables
Next, make a quick stop to the best place near you to buy a cup of hot cocoa, and hopefully a Christmas sugar cookie! Enjoy a whipped cream mustache and warm up with your hot chocolate while you continue your adventure!

north pole express printablesNavigate the map to find your favorite neighborhoods with really awesome Christmas lights, or find a local church or organization that puts on a big lights display synchronized to Christmas music! While you’re looking, see what fun characters you can find! Reindeer—maybe on Santa’s sleigh?

north pole express printables

I always love to find elegant light-up decorative reindeer! Can you find any elves? You’ll have to look really carefully for them! See who on your “North Pole Express” can find the most Christmas trees! You can look for all kinds of fun characters or Christmas items on your trip to the North Pole! We’ve included a wonderful printable to add extra flare and fun to your North Pole adventure!

north pole express printables

Grab the FREE Printable Here!

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