Totally Cute Christmas Craft Stick Ornament Crafts for Kids

Do you create special ornaments with your kids that you just know 30 years from now they will be hanging on their Christmas tree with their kids? I know our Christmas tree features many ornaments either I made or my Mom made over 40 years ago (ok, there I go again… tipping you off to my age). That is why I am so in love with how these Christmas Craft Stick Ornament Crafts for Kids turned out. Read on for a step by step tutorial on how to create them for your family!

christmas craft stick ornament crafts for kids

Christmas Craft Stick Ornament Crafts for Kids

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So, I have to put in this disclaimer. Sweet Pea helped me make these ornaments by painting the craft stick. However, that was it. She is 3 years old and has neither the fine motor skill nor patience to put these cuties together. Granted, there are many other crafts where she did most or all of the work. However, when she was taking a nap, I finished them off with the glue gun. If your child is a little older, they could definitely do more of this craft- cutting out the foam pieces, gluing on the pieces, etc.. The instructions below can be modified to fit your kid’s age and skill level.

Either way, Sweet Pea was quite pleased with how they turned out. I was too!

Materials Needed

christmas craft stick ornament crafts for kids

How to Make the Ornaments

  • Paint the craft sticks red, white, and brown for Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. For the Santa ornament, tape a 2-3″ wide strip of paper about 3″ down from the top of the craft stick. This will serve as a mask and will create Santa’s face.
  • Cut out the ornament parts from the craft foam:
    • For Frosty the Snowman, cut out a small black top hat (about 2-3″ tall) and a small carrot nose.
    • For Santa Claus, cut out a small red hat (about 3″ tall), a white beard, and a small rectangle for the black belt. For the beard, cut a slim oval in half. Fold the oval half in half and cut out a circle in the middle of the oval for Santa’s mouth. Then, use scissors to cut jagged slits in the beard to create a shaggy appearance.
    • For Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, cut a circle snout and two small ears from the light brown foam. Cut a very small tongue from the red foam.
  • For the two scarves, cut a thin, maybe 1″ wide, strip of material that is 4-5″ long.
  • Cut one of the brown pipe cleaners into two 4″pieces and two 1-2″ pieces. Cut the second brown pipe cleaner into two 4-5″ pieces.
  • Cut the rest of the small ornament pieces out: the gold ribbon, green foil, and gold cord.
  • Assemble the ornaments:
    • For Frosty the Snowman, glue on the hat, red feather (out of a 1/2″ piece of red pipe cleaner folded in half), googly eyes, black buttons, and nose. For Frosty’s mouth, you can use micro black pom poms (the ones we found came from a kit) or just draw them on with a sharpie.
      • For the scarf, fold the piece of material in half, wrap it around Frosty’s body, and glue the material to both sides of the craft stick, as well as gluing the ends of the material together for at least 1″ past the craft stick body. This way it will stick ‘straight’ out.
      • For Frosty’s arms, glue the two 4″ pieces of brown pipe cleaner to the back of the craft stick body. Then, take the two smaller pieces of brown pipe cleaner (from pipe cleaner #1) and twist them around each arm to make Frosty’s hands.
    • For Santa Claus, glue the red hat onto the top of the craft stick so that it lines up with Santa’s face. Glue on the googly eyes, red nose, beard, three black buttons, and Santa’s belt (with the small black foam piece and small piece of gold ribbon). Glue four white pom poms to the rim of Santa’s hat and one white pom pom to the top of Santa’s hat.
      • To make Santa’s bag, fold the wide red velvet ribbon in half and then tie the end with the gold cord. This should ‘bunch’ the ribbon up to make it look like a little red bag. Glue the bottom left corner and side to the back of Santa’s body, canting the bag so it looks like it is flung over his shoulder.
    • For Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, glue the eyes, snout tongue and nose to the front of the craft stick. Glue the little ears to the top back of the craft stick.
      • For the scarf, follow the instructions provided for Frosty’s scarf.
      • For Rudolph’s antlers, use pipe cleaner #2 pieces. Bend the top of the pipe cleaner down about a third of the length of the pipe cleaner. Then take the bottom of the pipe cleaner and bend it up/twist it around to create a three-pronged antler. Glue each antler to the back of the craft stick behind the ears.
      • Glue the piece of green foil below Rudolph’s scarf, and then glue on the three mini jingle bells.
  • Cut the gold ribbon into three pieces, fold each piece in half and glue the ends to the back of the craft stick to create a hanging loop for the ornament.
  • Note #1: Sweet Pea painted the craft sticks, but I did the rest of these ornaments. It was a target of opportunity. She was sleeping and I was in a crafty mood. However, even if she had been awake, her little fingers would probably not have been able to assemble most of the ornaments. If your kids are older, they will be able to do more of this craft.
  • Note #2: Some of the pieces for these ornaments would work well with craft glue. However, a number of the steps really do need the hot glue gun in order to ensure the pieces stay where you want them to be (like the jingle bells, antlers, arms, and Santa’s goody bag).

christmas craft stick ornament crafts for kids

And there you have it! I love these ornaments so much. Seriously, I am so tickled with the way they turned out. If you decide to create them, I hope you have fun creating this keepsake as well!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Your photo of these ornaments is nice, but meeting these little guys is “person” really shows how cute they are!!