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The Most Adorable Easter Crafts And Activities For Kids

Easter Crafts And Activities For Kids

These Easter crafts and activities for kids are super adorable and guaranteed to put a smile on your kid’s faces this Easter!

Easter is one of the biggest holidays of the year, and certainly the biggest holiday of Spring. Kids love celebrating Easter– everything from decorating eggs to going on Easter egg hunts and more!

We’ve assembled a ton of fun crafts and activities for you. That way you will never run out of a fun idea for celebrating Easter with your kids!

easter crafts and activities for kids

Decorating Easter Eggs

One of the most Easter-y Easter activities you can do with your kids is decorate Easter eggs. There is nothing wrong with picking up a cheap kit from the grocery store. But there are loads of other fun options as well! Check these out!

Gorgeous Marbled Easter Eggs Without A Kit

These Easter eggs are really fantastic… you can make your own galaxy eggs!

marbled easter eggs

Beautiful Shaving Cream Painted Easter Eggs

If you have ever done shaving cream painting, you know how easy it is ‘stain’ white surfaces with food coloring and shaving cream. These eggs are a lot of fun!

shaving cream painted easter eggs

Super Easy Painted Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

You could always just, you know.. let your kids paint the eggs. 

easy painted easter egg crafts for kids

8 Less Messy Alternatives to Dying Easter Eggs

These egg decorating methods won’t make a mess!

decorate easter eggs without dye

How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

Very eco-friendly and really fascinating to see how to use foods (mostly) to dye your eggs.

how to naturally dye easter eggs

Easter Crafts

Crayon Resist Watercolor Easter Eggs

This gorgeous craft would make a great Easter-themed bunting decoration.

crayon resist watercolor easter eggs

This Easter Egg Bunting Would Look So Cute Hanging in Your House!

Speaking of bunting, you can use washi tape to make these festive eggs!

washi tape easter egg bunting craft for kids

Chick Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Chirp chirp! These little chick is made out of a paper roll!

chick toilet paper roll craft

Easter Bunny Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

And if you make the chick, you have to make the bunny too!

Easter Bunny Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Super Cute Bunny Rabbit Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Use pom poms or cotton balls to make this bunny fluffy.

bunny rabbit paper plate craft

Super Adorable Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Even if you don’t have cotton balls, you can still make a cute bunny without a lot of fuss.

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Easy Felt Easter Puppets Craft For Kids

A great craft to do with your kids.. and then have a puppet show afterwards!

Felt Easter Puppets Craft

Adorable Egg Carton Easter Bunny

These buck-teeth cuties would be a cute decoration for the windowsill.

Bunny and Chick Craft Stick Crafts for Kids

Craft sticks have never looked cuter than with these adorable Easter craft ideas.

Bunny and Chick Crafts for Kids

Super Easy Leftover Easter Egg Flower Crafts for Kids

After the egg hunts are all done, use leftover plastic eggs to make a gorgeous spring craft!

flower crafts for kids

Hopping Bunny Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. Make your bunny hop with this paper plate craft!

Hatching Chick Paper Plate Craft For Kids

And Easter and Spring wouldn’t be complete without some newly hatched chicks!

hatching chick paper plate craft for kids

FREE Easter Printables

FREE Printable Easter Activity Placemat For Kids

A great Easter Sunday activity to keep kids busy during Easter dinner.

happy easter activity placemat for kids

Free Printable Easter Egg Template And Coloring Pages

Color these sheets for a virtual egg hunt or for a quick Easter activity.

free printable easter egg template and coloring pages

Kid Friendly Easter Food ideas

Super Cute Bunny, Chick, and Sheep Easter Dessert Ideas!

Dipping pretzels in chocolate and then decorating them like Easter? Sign me up!

bunny chick sheep easter dessert ideas

Adorable Chick Nutter Butter Easter Dessert Idea

Take those peanut butter cookies and turn them into cute chicks!

Baby Chick Themed Oreos Easter Dessert Idea!

If Oreos are more your style, make your chocolate covered chicks from them instead.

chick oreos easter dessert ideas

How To Make Easter Bunny Pancakes

A great Easter morning breakfast idea!

how to make easter bunny pancakes

Easter Bunny Digging for Carrot Cupcakes

These little bunny butts are adorable!

easter bunny cupcakes

celebrate EAster as a family

How To Host An Amazing Easter Egg Hunt

Here are all the tips you need to host the most amazing Easter Egg hunt ever!

how to host an amazing easter egg hunt for kids

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