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How To Host An Amazing Easter Egg Hunt

How to Host an Amazing Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a great way to create lasting memories with your kids. And while I’m sure you’re familiar with the basics of an Easter egg hunt – eggs, baskets, and candy. A truly memorable Easter egg hunt will take a little more thought. These simple tips will help you host an amazing Easter egg hunt this year.

host an amazing easter egg hunt for kids

Invite Your Guests

The Easter season can be busy for your friends and family, so make sure everyone knows the day and time of your Easter egg hunt in advance. Small events may only require a verbal invitation, but if you plan to invite a big group to your hunt, printed or emailed invites may be a good idea.

host an awesome easter egg hunt for kids

Be sure to include a way for your guests to RSVP to your Easter egg hunt. This will help you plan how many eggs and how much candy you’ll need.

Have a Rain Date

Spring weather can be unpredictable, which means your scheduled Easter egg hunt may get rained out. If inclement weather forces you to reschedule your event, be sure to have an alternate date or indoor location in mind. And don’t forget to list your alternate plan on the invitation so your guests will know what to do if they see rain clouds in the sky on the big day.

Consider the Baskets

host an amazing easter egg hunt for kids

Baskets are an important element of an Easter egg hunt, so don’t forget to think about how the kids will collect their eggs during the event. If you plan to have your guests bring their own baskets, be sure to let them know by including that information on the invitation.

You could also provide baskets for your guests to use during the egg hunt. Or you can create a fun decorating station to allow your guests to create their own baskets before the Easter egg hunt. Provide baskets or gift bags with handles, along with decorative elements like crayons, markers, stickers, ribbons, and paint.

Prep the Eggs

how to host an amazing easter egg hunt for kids

If you plan to host a small Easter egg hunt this year, hard boiled eggs are a great option. Your family can spend some time together decorating the eggs for the hunt.

For a larger Easter egg hunt, consider forgoing the real eggs and using plastic eggs instead. Hard boiled eggs can easily spoil if they aren’t found, causing problems later on. And plastic eggs can be filled with fun Easter-themed treats. In addition to filling the eggs with candy, you could also add stickers, small toys, and a few salty snacks inside the eggs.

Consider Different Age Groups

host an awesome easter egg hunt for kids

If the kids participating in your Easter egg hunt range in age, it might be a good idea to hold separate hunts for the younger and older kids. Whether you hold the hunts in different areas at the same time or simply schedule them at different times, separate Easter egg hunts will give your younger guests a chance to find eggs before they’re all taken by the older kids.

It’s also important to consider how you hide the eggs for different age groups. For your Easter egg hunt for younger kids, the eggs should be hidden in more obvious places. Make sure all the eggs are in full or partial view so the young kids can easily spot them. You can make the egg hunt a little more challenging for older kids by hiding the eggs behind and under objects.

Make the Parents Comfortable

While the kids are hunting eggs, make sure their parents are comfortable by providing seating or picnic blankets. This will give the adults a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company while the kids have fun. Providing drinks and snacks is another great way to cater to the adults at your party. Finger foods and sweet snacks are perfect options for your Easter egg hunt.

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Take Photos

Designate a friend or family member as the official photographer of the event, so you’re sure to have plenty of great photos. Make sure they get lots of action shots throughout the hunt, in addition to a big group photo before the hunt begins. Another great idea to take your Easter egg hunt up a notch is to have a designated photo area.

easter bunny kids

Make sure the space has a pretty backdrop of trees or flowers or create your own photobooth area with a decorative backdrop. And don’t forget to have the Easter Bunny visit the photo space after the Easter egg hunt is over. This will give all your young guests a chance to get a pretty photo with the Easter Bunny after they’re finished finding eggs.

Think About Entertainment

The Easter egg hunt will be over quickly, so be sure you have other entertainment ready to occupy your guests. A craft station is a great way to entertain the kids while the adults visit with each other. And traditional party games, like pin the tail on the Easter Bunny or musical chairs, are always a big hit at family gatherings. You could even have story time for the younger kids by reading an Easter or bunny-themed book to the group.

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