How To Host A Game Night Party

How To Host A Game Night Party

Get the gang together for a game night, and be the best host you can be! These are some great tips for how to host a game night party!

You don’t need to be a party planner to plan the perfect game night. Game nights aren’t so fun because they’re carefully planned down to the detail. They’re fun because guests have a good time and are entertained by the games you play! If you need a little help hosting a game night party, here are some fabulous ideas to help you throw a game night that no one will ever forget.

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Make sure that you invite a decent number of people

What makes game nights fun? Teams! Competition! Even number of players, anyone? These are all things you want to make sure to keep in mind when you’re inviting your guests. You want to make sure you have enough people to play the games you’ve planned out, but also not so many people that you have too much for a game or can’t make even teams.

Choose the games based on your guests

The types of games you choose to play on your game night should be based on the party guests, not just what you have in your game closet. For example, murder mystery games can be fun for some and boring to others. Try to take into account people’s skill levels and what kind of night you want to have. Are you mainly going to be talking and chatting with friends? Or are you going to be completely enthralled in your board game of choice?

Make sure to feed your guests!

Some basic games like monopoly can take HOURS to finish! I have once played a UNO game that lasted for two hours! Ensure that your guests have something to snack on, even if it’s just some easy finger food that you dump into bowls. You can go all out and make it a full course meal, or you can have snack foods available for anyone who wants them.

Play games at a leisurely pace

When you’re just getting started with your game night, start playing at a leisurely pace. It’s okay to take some time to enjoy the drinks and the food and have some good conversation. You can get to the games in good time, and there’s no problem if you spend the first hour or two just catching up! Remember, it’s a party and a game night, so there will likely be a mix of both throughout the night.

Let your guests know what games to expect

You don’t have to list every single game that you’re planning on playing that night. But some serious board game players might want to brush up on their trivia before playing a trivia game if it’s been a while. If you have some challenging games like this or card games that require knowing a lot of intricate rules, give your guests a heads up so they can brush up on their game knowledge before coming to the party.

No matter how many people you have coming to your game night, this party will be one that your guests won’t soon forget!


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