15 Outrageously Fun Outdoor Games for Kids this Summer

15 Outrageously Fun Outdoor Games for Kids this Summer

These outdoor games for kids are super fun and will ensure your kids will have an awesome summer!

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. While the kids are at home from school and they can sometimes get in the way of housework and other things I need to do, it’s also the time of year when we spend more time outside!

It doesn’t take long before our kids run out of ideas and need something fun to keep them entertained. When this happens, I pull out one of these fun outdoor games for my kids to play in the summer.

While you can use some of these during other times of the year, we use them during the summer to keep the fun outdoors! Here are 15 outdoor games for kids this summer.

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1. Rainbow Hopscotch

Just use some pavers and spray paint to easily create this game your kids can play all summer long! I love the bright colors!

2. Yard Dice Game

Have you ever played Yahtzee with your kids? I love that even younger kids can learn to play this fun game. So, why not pump up the fun factor, make it huge, and bring it outdoors?

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3. Backyard Coding Game

This is such a cool idea for a fun yard game that has a coding component to it. Such a great idea! We will definitely try this game this summer. 

4. Treasure Hunt

Oh my goodness, I think my daughter would actually have more fun creating this nature-themed treasure hunt instead of actually going on the treasure hunt!

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5. DIY Ring Toss

Yep, this is the classic ring toss game you play at county fairs and carnivals. Why not make your own ring toss and get tons of practice before you try it for prizes at the fair!

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6. Hook and Ring Toss Game

Kind of like the classic ring toss game, this hook and ring toss game is a classic with a twist. Personally I think this version is way harder than the regular one. But your kids, especially older kids, will likely love the challenge.

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7. DIY Bean Bag Toss

This DIY Bean Bag Toss is ridiculously easy to make and also easy to set up and store after play. 


8. Simple Cornhole

If you have some construction paper and a large’ish box you can easily create this cornhole game for your kids.. or even for your summer BBQ!

9. Backyard Plinko

Another great carnival game you can easily recreate for your next outdoor party. This one is the disc drop game and so much fun for even younger kids!

10. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

You’ve probably seen versions of the ninja courses on TV.. even the kid-friendly versions. Why not enlist your kids’ help to build your own obstacle course!

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11. Rhyming Toss

All you need for this game is some sidewalk chalk and a few of your kids’ toys. Such a fun game!

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12. Sticky Tic Tac Toe

This adaptation of everyone’s favorite wait at a restaurant game is also super fun as a backyard game… but with a twist. 

13. Milk Jug Catcher Game

Done with your half gallon milk jug? Why not cut it in half, paint it pretty, and make this fun catch game!

14. DIY Flying Discs

You can buy some adorable Flying Disk Frisbee, small plastic cones, and have a ready challenge for an afternoon of fun!

15. Patriotic Ladder

I have never played this particular game but it looks like a really cool idea!

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