10 Awesome Ways To Give Your Kids An 80’s Summer

10 Awesome Ways To Give Your Kids An 80’s Summer

Bring back all the nostalgia of a simpler time and give your kids an awesome 80’s summer this year!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Just beat it, beat it…

Highway run.. into the midnight sun

Woah, we’re halfway there,
Woah, livin’ on a prayer….

You know you’re singing… If you grew up in the 80’s each of those songs probably evokes a cherished memory. 

The 1980s was a simpler time filled with less tech and more imaginative play, which is why many parents are searching for ways to harken back to the fun times of their childhood.

This year, bring some awesome nostalgia to your summer plans by ditching the screens and having a classic summer — 1980s style! Here are 10 awesome ways to give your kids an 80s summer.

80's summer

1. Send them Outside

And don’t let them back in until the sun goes down. They’ll have a blast coming up with fun things to do outside that don’t involve looking at a screen.

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2. Get That Swimsuit on!

You never know when they’ll find a sprinkler to run through or a pool to jump in! Make sure they’re ready for any water fun that comes their way by dressing them in their swimsuit each day.

go swimming

3. Speaking of Sprinklers…

Set one up in your yard and watch the magic happen! You can’t have an 80s summer without a few runs through the sprinkler in your backyard.

4. Board Games Are The Best!

Your kids will eventually need to escape the heat, so have a few classic 80s board games (Life, Trivial Pursuit) on hand when they’re ready to play inside.

5. Get the Bikes Out

If your kids are going to be playing outside all summer, they’ll need some transportation. Let them travel around the neighborhood in style on their bikes during summer break.

6. Serve the Proper Refreshments

If you’re going to have an 80’s summer, you’ll need the right drinks and snacks. That means having plenty of Kool-Aid and popsicles on hand at all times!


7. Head to the Playground

But don’t go to the newest playground in town…instead find the oldest set of playground equipment in your area and set your kids free on the metal merry go round and monkey bars.

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8. Skip the Bath

Pool water can serve as their bath for the day. And dirty feet and fingernails are just an good sign they’ve been making the most of their outdoor 80’s summer break.

9. Eat All the Junk Food

Give your kids a break from healthy eating during your 80s summer and let them have a healthy dose of junk food instead. Send the kids to the neighborhood convenience store for a slushy and candy bar, serve cereal for dinner, and hand over a sleeve of saltines for an afternoon snack.

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10. Enjoy Classic Pop Culture

Chances are, your kids haven’t seen some of the best parts of the 80s – the movies and TV! The next time they need a break from the heat, pop in your VHS copy of E.T. or have a Back to the Future marathon. I guarantee your kids will thank you for it later!

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