6 Fun Family Traditions To Start This Summer

6 Fun Family Traditions to Start This Summer

If you want to have an amazing summer break, start these 6 fun family traditions this year! They are all so kid friendly!

Summer is often filled with lazy days free from structure and stress, making it the perfect time to start some new family traditions.

Traditions are a great way to create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between your family members. Make the most of your family’s summer break by starting these six fun family traditions this summer.

fun family traditions to start this summer

Have a Family BBQ

host a bbq

Kick off summer break by hosting a classic summer BBQ. Get your extended family or friends together in your backyard, fire up the grill, cook some hot dogs and hamburgers, and enjoy a selection of potluck side dishes and desserts.

Your family will quickly look forward to the annual get-together, making it the perfect beginning-of-summer tradition to start this year.

Go Camping

go camping

Camping is a wonderful way for your family to get back to nature and say goodbye to the distractions of technology for a few days. In addition to creating plenty of time for your family to bond, your kids will come away with tons of fun stories and lots of new adventures from your annual family camping trip they’ll remember forever.

Here are some great ideas for having a great camping trip:

Movie Night

family movie night

Sometimes, you just need to escape the summer heat and spend a little time together indoors. If your family loves watching a good movie together, make one night a week family movie night during the summer. That way, you can enjoy a good film and each other’s company each week.

Here are some of our favorites:

Family Vacation

family vacation

There’s no better way to bond than heading out on a trip together. In addition to experiencing new and exciting places, a summer vacation forces everyone in your family to spend time together – ensuring you create new memories in the process.

To make the most of your vacation, get everyone’s input on the destination and activities you participate in during your trip to be sure each family member gets a chance to do something they enjoy while on vacation.

Summer Staycation

family game night

While a family vacation is a great way to bond, sometimes it’s not in the budget. Instead, enjoy a staycation and make the most of your hometown. Head to a restaurant you’ve never been to before or enjoy a new family activity together, turning your town into a fun summer escape for the weekend.

Big Breakfast Saturday

pancake breakfast

One simple way to make the weekends special this summer is by starting the day off with a big breakfast. Cook some bacon and sausage, fry a bunch of eggs, and whip up some pancakes each Saturday morning to create a fun family tradition that can last all year long.

Years from now, your kids will look back on their childhood and be filled with an gooey warm feeling in their insides, because their childhood will be filled with so many awesome memories. 

Starting family traditions are a great way to be intentional about being present for your kids. Have a great summer and make some awesome memories this summer!

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