Nature Scavenger Hunt For Kids {with FREE printables!}

Nature Scavenger Hunt For Kids

There are probably 150 kids in the 1st grade at my daughter’s school. 150 kids, one playground, and 30 minutes of recess. Needless to say, she doesn’t always get to use the playground equipment. 

But almost every day my 6 year old comes home talking about some treasure she and her friends found. Isn’t it great to be a kid? When faced with nothing but a tree, a field, and some blacktop, kids can come up with the best games, best adventures, and.. of course, the best ways to get the knees of their jeans muddy. 

nature scavenger hunt for kids


Nature fun can be found everywhere!

It’s awesome. But the fun doesn’t stop at school. Any time we go for a walk.. even to the next street over, my daughter’s eyes are wide open, hoping to find more treasures. Sometimes the treasure is just for the journey. Perhaps she wants to start a collection of rocks. Or maybe she is collecting materials to build the perfect fairy house. Sometimes she just wants to dig for worms… and oh my goodness.. she is the champion worm digger. 

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Getting lost in nature has so many benefits for kids. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Boosts creativity and imagination to dream of new worlds
  • Builds confidence; particularly because nature play is more unstructured
  • Gets kids moving and active
  • Gives kids a big time mood booster


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