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20 Science Experiments That Are Basically Magic

20 Science Experiments That Are Basically Magic

Are you looking for some seriously magic science experiments? These ideas will completely delight you and your kids!

If your kids are bored, or you’re just looking for something fun to do at home, science experiments are a great option! They can help you teach difficult science concepts, and provide your kids with something fun to do. Science experiments are so much fun, and my daughter loves them! However, not all science experiments are created equal!

This list of science experiments are basically magic! You wouldn’t believe your eyes or theirs when they do these experiments! No matter what age your child is, something here is sure to spark their curiosity. Here are 20 science experiments that are basically magic.

That Are Basically Magic

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1. How to Create a Foaming Rainbow

Ok, this is pretty much the coolest project EVER! And it takes only 3 ingredients! (4 if you count the paper cups). 

2. How Do Folded Mountains Form

Your budding geologist will love this easy experiment that show how mountains form.

3. Acids and Bases Experiment

This is a fun experiment where you can blow a balloon up without using your own breath!

4. Dissolving Marshmallows

I love this experiment because it asks kids to keep a science journal and come up with a hypothesis for what will happen.

5. How to Make Oobleck

Oh course we want to do something that will be a little messy and fun!

6. Firework Experiment

A great experiment about water, oil, and density. Also– it’s really pretty. 

7. Paper Chromatography

What happens when colors mix? This is a great experiment that teaches that concept.

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8. Grow Gold Overnight

An awesome experiment in crystal making. This would be super cool for St. Patrick’s Day. 

9. DIY Magic Rainbow Rocks With Hidden Treasure Inside

Another fantastic experiment that includes a surprise! This is meant for younger kids but seriously, my 7 year old would go ga-ga for this activity!

10. How Do Penguins Stay Dry? Penguin Science Experiment

A fun experiment that talks about water absorption. And really.. penguins are just plain cute.

11. DIY Solar Oven Smores 

The perfect experiment to do on a hot hot summer day. Oh.. and chocolate!

12. Spring Butterfly Experiment

You can actually make your butterfly come to life in this fun and easy experiment.

13. Clear Slime

Usually it’s pretty hard to make clear slime.. but this method really works. 

14. Build a Wind Farm Science Activity

Kids can easily build their own wind farm and track the effects of wind power. Pretty cool experiment!

15. Sidewalk Paint Rockets

An explosive take on sidewalk chalk paint. Love it!

16. Easy Heart Pump Model

Wow. Your budding heart surgeon will be fascinated with this experiment.

17. Balloon Powered Sponge Boat

Anytime you can do an experiment that causes something to move… that is awesome.

18. Semipermeable Membrane STEAM Activity

A really cool experiment using coffee filters.

19. Homemade Rock Candy

Crystals and candy-making. How could that be any tastier?

20. Simple Heat Conduction Experiment

I love this experiment.. it’s a contest to see what kind of utensil will melt the butter faster.

family fun free printable resource library

Check out these fun science experiment ideas too!

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