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15 Slime Recipes with Four Ingredients or Less

15 Slime Recipes with Four Ingredients or Less

Slime making doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out these 15 slime recipes with four ingredients or less!

If you have little ones in the house, then odds are they are obsessed with slime. My daughter can’t get enough of slime and is always looking for slime to play with.

Store bought slime can get expensive unless you found a great deal. However, there are a ton of DIY at home slime recipes that you can make using a few simple ingredients! I’ve put together a list full of slime recipes that only take four ingredients or less!

These are amazing recipes that your kids can play with all year long! Here are 15 slime recipes with four ingredients or less.

slime recipes with four ingredients or less

1. Gooey Slime

This basic but super versatile and fun recipe uses only 2 ingredients. Wow!

2. Moana Ocean Slime

You can just feel the ocean breeze… Ok, maybe not. But this would be a fun afternoon project and sensory play opportunity for your Disney princess lover.

3. Confetti Slime

This slime uses Modge Podge instead of Borax. And they mix in some festive confetti. Looks like a great party idea to me!

4. Glitter Slime Recipe

I know you most likely have a love/hate relationship with glitter. However, I bet your kids love it to the max. This recipe will surely sparkle, but because it’s in slime, maybe it will sparkle without a huge mess.

5. Peeps Slime

A perfect slime for Easter. But really, now that PEEPS are made year round, you could really dress up any holiday with this fun activity!

6. Two Ingredient Slime

Two ingredients? And neither of them are borax? Sign me up!

7. Rainbow Slime

I love everything about rainbows and this slime is just so bright and happy!

8. Monster High Slime

A sassy slime for your tween to make. A great choice and very kid-friendly edgy. 

9. Fluffy Slime

This is a great slime option that uses shaving cream to make it fluffier. 

10. Contact Solution Slime

Contact solution is the secret ingredient to many slimes. Find out why with this one.

11. Edible Starburst Slime

Starburst candies are so yummy and the fact that you can make them into an edible slime is just so sublime!

12. Spider Slime

Ack! Spiders! A great slime recipe for Halloween. Very spooky!

13. Simple Slime Recipe

I love that this recipe uses a secret ingredient to make the slime crunchy and stretchy at the same time.

14. Cornstarch Slime

Cornstarch isn’t just for cooking. Find out how to use it with slime.

15. Natural Berry Slime

And finally, slime doesn’t have to be harsh on the environment. Go natural with this Berry infused slime recipe idea.

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