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Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable

Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable

Check out this FREE Printable Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt and bring it along for your family’s pumpkin picking this fall!

Our family loves the fall season! As soon as the leaves start turning and September brings hot apple cider donuts and a chill in the air, we know it will soon be fall festival time.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to have fun at a fall festival is the opportunity to visit the pumpkin patch! Every year since our daughter was old enough to sit up, we have clamored onto the hay wagon and set off to the pumpkin field. We always have a blast finding big pumpkins destined for carving, as well as smaller pumpkins that would be perfect for decorating! 

That is why I love this activity so much. Read below for more details, including how to downloads yours today!

pumpkin patch scavenger hunt

How does this pumpkin patch scavenger hunt printable work?

Well, I suppose it is pretty self explanatory. Just print out a few copies of this printable, bring them to the fall festival and then see how many you and your kids can find! There are really three ways you can play this game:

  1. Every pumpkin picker for themselves! Everyone gets a paper and the winner is the first to find all 14 items.
  2. Team Pumpkin! Split your group into teams and the teams work together to find the items. The first team to find all 14 wins.
  3. We are all in this together! If you just want to have some good family bonding without all the competition, just print out one copy and get the entire family in on the action. 

Either way you play, your kids will be sure to have a blast!

As a subscriber, you can download your copy right now for FREE!

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