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The Absolute Best Games for Gameschooling

Best Games for Gameschooling

These fun family games are the absolute best games for gameschooling! Check them out and find fun ways to amp up your kid’s learning at home!

What is gameschooling? Gameschooling, put simply, is using games to help teach kids educational skills. This can be done with board games, online games, computer games, or even card and videogames.

Gameschooling is a fun and interactive way to make learning fun for kids, and help foster a love of learning for even the most stubborn learners. If you’re looking for a way to make learning more fun for your kids, here are some of the best games for gameschooling! You can use these in your homeschool lesson plans, or just as a fun educational game for your kids to play.

best games for gameschooling

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1. Blue Orange Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game

This is a speed logic game for kids and family. You race to solve the formula by moving your molecules from tube to tube without touching them or dropping them!


2. Twister Ultimate

This is Twister on steroids! A bigger mat and a game that is capable of 6 players or more! A great way to get your kids active and moving!


3. Cardline Animals

This game  is great for testing logic and memory skills while trying to place in order either the size, weight or lifespan of the animals. 



4. Catan The Board Game

This classic strategy game is one of the most popular games EVER for a reason. It’s pretty awesome. There is even a kid’s version!


5. Proof! Math Game

This is a fast-paced, fun math card game loved by teachers, families, kids, and grown-ups alike. You can adapt this game for younger kids or play the more challenging version with older kids.


6. ThinkFun Domino Maze

This is a great STEM-centric game that comes with a top grid, bottom grid, 2 staircases, 22 dominos, 3 targets, 2 pivots, 1 blocker, 2 walls and 60 challenge cards with solutions.



7. Goliath Virus Card Game

Protect your organs while attacking others. Be the first player with four healthy organs to win!


8. Ion: A Compound Building Game

This is a chemistry card game where players build neutral compounds from a hand of positive and negative ions. In Chemistry class, This is called ionic bonding. This game is all about strategy and will engage an adult but is easy enough that kids as young as 8 can play with family or in the classroom.


9. Mattel Games Apples to Apples Junior

This is a hilarious game of comparison that is perfect for practing reading skills as well! We love the junior version which is great for elementary school-aged kids!


10. 10 Days in The USA Board Game

Players use the state and transportation cards to be the first to create a connecting 10-day vacation across the USA! Who doesn’t love to travel, planning out the trip is half the fun!


11. ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge

Use engineering, reasoning and planning skills to actually build a rollercoaster and see if it will work!


12. Simon

Yes, this classic game of memory is still every bit as fun as it was when you were a kid. Challenge your kids to stretch their memory before they make a wrong move!


13. Wonder Forge Journey Through Time Eye Found It! Game

I love this version of the I Spy game that takes kids on a trip around the world and through history!


14. Hit The Habitat Trail

This is a great game that teaches habitat and environmental concerns. Custom wisdom cards that tell about hazards to the environment and solutions to make things better for all of us,


15. Monopoly

This classic game of banking is great for teaching a budget, but also great for counting and coming up with a winning strategy!


16. Boggle

Another classic game that helps encourage kids to spell words. This fun game will boggle your mind! (yes… pun intended)


17. ROCK ON! Geology Game

Collect and play with rocks with this fun game. This game teaches geology concepts and is great for any kid who loves rocks!


18. Late for the Sky Space-opoly

Another version of Monopoly but this time with a space theme!


19. Cool Circuits Puzzle Game

Circuit games are really fantastic for any kid who is interested in engineering. It’s fun to make working circuits and see the reaction.


20. Learning Wrap-ups Math Intro Key Kit

Learning Wrap-ups presents the Math Intro Kit! This kit contains a set of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Fraction Wrap-ups, 4 Wrap-up Rap Audio CDs, and a Teacher’s Guide with ideas, activities, charts, and award certificates. This kit is a great way for children to practice their math.


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