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Indoor-Outdoor Selfie Challenge Printable Game For Kids

Indoor-Outdoor Selfie Challenge Printable Game For Kids

This indoor-outdoor Selfie Challenge printable game for kids is a great way to help kids connect when they can’t physically be together. Plus, it’s just really super fun!

As a Generation X Mom, I have to tell ya–I don’t do selfies. I sort of ‘get’ them. I mean, it’s fun to pose in front of.. well, pretty much everything and make sure you get in the photo too! 

But I have never mastered the mechanics of the selfie. My arms are short and it’s just really awkward. 

But my daughter? Yeah.. she is a huge fan of selfies. Ever since she got her first Kindle, one of her favorite things to do is take pictures of herself. If she can put a silly filter on the selfie to make her look like a purple fish.. all the better. 

Normally I wouldn’t encourage selfies because of ‘all the reasons’ parents give for keeping kids off of social media. But sometimes kids are separated physically from their friends. Maybe one of them has an extended illness, or a ‘BFFL’ just moved across the country. Or, maybe there is a pandemic and kids literally can’t be in the same room as any of their friends. 

Whatever the reason, this indoor/outdoor selfie challenge printable game for kids is a super fun activity. 

selfie challenge printable game for kids

How does the selfie challenge work?

Kids can use a camera, a phone, or even the camera on their Kindle to basically go on a selfie scavenger hunt. You don’t have to do this challenge via social media. It could just be kids having fun over zoom or FB Messenger for Kids. Or, you could even just do it as an at-home activity for your family.. and then no social media posting is needed at all!

The challenge is pretty straightforward. Kids have to take selfies with everything on the list. You could time the challenge to make it more competitive. Or, you could do prizes for the most photos in a certain time period (like 10 minutes or something like that). 

Indoor Selfie Challenge Prompts

Here are the indoor selfie challenge prompts:

  • Selfie with a furry friend
  • Silly hair
  • Doing a chore
  • Reading a book
  • With something blue
  • Eating something
  • With something you love
  • 6 selfies with different faces
  • Video selfie of you dancing
  • With a clock at noon
  • In a mirror
  • With someone else
  • Upside down
  • With a photo
  • By a window

Outdoor Selfie Challenge Prompts

And the outdoor selfie challenge prompts are:

  • Sitting in the grass
  • Reading a book
  • Holding a leaf
  • With an animal in the picture
  • With the clouds
  • In a tree
  • Wearing a hat
  • Showing 4 different colors
  • With something blue
  • Of you laughing
  • With a bird that is singing
  • Drinking water
  • By a car
  • With a flower
  • By the window

Your kids will love this fun game. And it’s perfect for a friendly competition at home or for a social distancing appropriate play date!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.