Make Believe Travel Adventure Kit (FREE Printable Pack)

Make Believe Travel Adventure Kit

Cultivate your child’s love of culture and geography with this FREE Printable Make Believe Travel Adventure Kit!

Why It’s Important To Teach Your Child About Geography and culture

Are you ready to help your child explore the world around them? It’s important to teach your child about geography and other cultures. However, you may be wondering HOW you can do this. One of my favorite ways to teach my daughter about the world is through pretend travel.

Teaching children about geography and culture opens their world in ways you never imagined. Exploring different countries and different geographical structures is fun and exciting for children and adults!

make believe travel adventure kit

Kids Need to Know the World Around Them

If your kids don’t know about the world around them, they are missing out. Geography is the study of the world’s physical features. Culture is the study of people, unique customs and the way they live. There are so many aspects of the earth that are incredible to learn about, not just a few.

The more your children know about this great world, the more power they have to explore and learn.

Geography Learns to Curiosity

Children learn about the world through their parents and experiences. Learning about the earth helps kids learn. If kids are curious about the earth, they are going to be more likely to want to explore, travel, and learn.

Download the Make Believe Kit here!

With this printable, your child will learn about geography from many different angles. They will learn about how to assemble a passport and they’ll learn what a passport is.

Kids will also get the chance to see what a boarding pass looks like and what that looks like when you travel.

Being able to explore on a pretend level helps kids get a thirst for travel and geography in the future.

This printable helps outline a peek into the beauty of geography and different cultures of the world. This Make Believe Travel Adventure Kit will help get them excited about learning about the world around them.

Ways to enrich their experience

Whether you are teaching your kids about geography and the world around them, or you just want them to have more fun, there are so many ways you can use this kit for a tremendous play and learning experience. 

make believe travel adventure kit

This travel adventure kit has passport stamps for 16 different countries. Here are some ideas for taking it to the next level:

  • Watch a movie or documentary about the country on the passport. 
  • Do a craft that represents that country or culture
  • Cook together. Make a meal or even just one dish that is representative of the country your kid is ‘visiting’
  • Dress the part. Help them find or design a costume that fits the culture they will visit. 
  • Research a pretend travel bucket list. What would someone most want to see and do in the place they are visiting? What would be the best places to visit?

Download the Make Believe Kit here!

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Download the Make Believe Kit here!

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