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Easy Felt Easter Puppets Craft For Kids

Easy Felt Easter Puppets Craft For Kids

Kids have so much fun when they can make a craft and then play with it! These super easy felt Easter puppets are really adorable and very easy to make, There is minimal prep and very little mess. 

I love making crafts with my daughter. Even simple crafts are a lot of fun. Really, any activity that doesn’t involve a screen lets us slow down and just spend time together. And after years of making crafts and art with my daughter, our house is now filled with creative memories. 

Check out how to make them!

Felt Easter Puppets Craft

What you will need:

Felt Easter Puppets Craft

  • craft felt in assorted spring colors
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • large wood craft sticks (wide)

How to make the felt Easter Puppets:

  1. Begin by deciding which Easter items you wish to create. For our puppets we made an egg, a chick, a bunny, a carrot, and a tulip. Deciding which shapes you wish to have will help you decide the colors you need. 

Felt Easter Puppets Craft

  1. You can cut out simple shapes to create the base of your puppets. For example cut out a round circle for the chick, a triangle for the carrot, and an oval for the egg. We simply free-handed the design of our rabbit and tulip. 

Felt Easter Puppets Craft

  1. Use your felt to cut out simple embellishments for the shapes. Cut out circles for eyes, greenery for your tulip and carrot, and strips of colorful felt for the egg. 

Felt Easter Puppets Craft

  1. Glue your felt clippings into place to create the designs. Just a dab of glue will do. Then, simply apply and press into place. Allow to dry.

Felt Easter Puppets Craft

  1. Once the shapes are dry, glue them to the wood craft sticks. Allow to dry.

Your Easter puppets are now ready to put on a show!

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