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8 Less Messy Alternatives to Dying Easter Eggs

8 Less Messy Alternatives to Dying Easter Eggs

Kid Friendly Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs Without Dye!

Dying Easter eggs is a holiday tradition many families enjoy. But if you would rather create Easter memories that don’t include messy dye and stained fingers, you’re in luck. There are a variety of fun and unique ways to create beautiful Easter eggs without dying them. These less messy alternatives to dying Easter eggs will help you create awesome Easter eggs without the mess.

decorate easter eggs without dye

Temporary Tattoos

You know those silly temporary tattoos that your kid comes home with after every birthday party? Here’s a great use for them – use them to decorate your Easter eggs. Placing temporary tattoos on your Easter eggs is so simple, a toddler could do it. Simply peel the clear plastic off the back of the tattoo and hold the tattoo in place on the egg. Then hold a wet cloth on the tattoo for around 30 seconds. After the tattoo is wet, peel the backing off. Just make sure your child avoids touching the wet tattoo until it dries to keep from smudging it!

decorate easter eggs without dye

Googly Eyes

This super simple (and silly) egg decorating technique will have your kids laughing out loud. Just glue a pair of googly eyes to each egg and turn them into funny faces. You can add to the silliness by cutting out fun facial features, like a mustache or big lips, from construction paper and gluing those to the egg, as well. The possibilities are endless with this cute Easter egg craft.


Jewels and gems are another great way to add decoration to your Easter eggs without dye. You can purchase rhinestone stickers that your child can easily peel and stick to the eggs. Or purchase ones that need to be glued. Either way, you’ll avoid using dye while still ending up with some beautiful – and colorful – Easter eggs this year.


Using markers to decorate your Easter eggs is a great way to add color to the eggs without the use of dye. But you can’t use markers directly on the shells because it will smear. Instead, make designs on a wet baby wipe. Then, wrap the wipe around the egg and secure it with a rubber band. As the baby wipe dries, the colors from the marker will transfer to the eggshell. You’ll end up with some cool tie-dye Easter eggs without making a big mess.

decorate easter eggs without dye

Paper Napkins

Want beautifully decorated eggs that are super simple to make? Then this technique is for you! All you need is some paper napkins with a pretty design, plastic eggs, and Mod Podge. To turn your plain eggs in to pretty decorated Easter eggs, start by deconstructing the napkins. Remove any part of the napkin that is plain and keep the printed section. Then tear the printed part of the napkin in to small pieces in random sizes and shapes. Spread a little bit of Mod Podge over a section of the egg and top it with a piece of paper. Keep adding napkin pieces until the egg is covered. Avoid using too much Mod Podge, which will result in soggy eggs!

Washi Tape

With so many colors and patterns available, washi tape is the perfect no-mess way to decorate Easter eggs. Choose a variety of designs to ensure each of your eggs are unique, then start decorating. You can try cutting the tape into skinny strips to create fun stripes or small pieces to make a confetti effect. Shaped hole punches are another way to interesting designs to each of your eggs. Decorate one with triangles and another with circles for beautifully festive Easter eggs in no time.

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Want a fun and reusable way to decorate your family’s Easter eggs? Chalkboard paint is the answer. Grab a jar of chalkboard pant and a few faux eggs and coat the eggs in the chalkboard paint. After the paint has dried, your kids have a blank canvas to create any designs they want. Whether you give them plain white chalk or a selection of different colors, they’ll have a blast creating new and interesting designs on each egg as many times as they want. And you can rest easy knowing they’re not making a mess as they decorate.

decorate easter eggs without dye

Not my photo– I found this cute photo from Deposit Photos and had to post for inspiration. Aren’t these eggs decorated beautifully?

Tissue Paper

If you’re searching for a way to dye your eggs that doesn’t involve food coloring, tissue paper is a great option. To dye your Easter eggs with tissue paper, tear the tissue paper into small pieces and wrap a few pieces around each egg. Then cover the egg with a coffee filter and secure everything with a rubber band or string. Let the eggs soak in a bath of hot water with a little bit of vinegar for at least 30 minutes. The longer you let the eggs soak, the deeper their hue will be, so if you want vibrant eggs, you could let them soak overnight.

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