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30 Day LEGO Challenge FREE Printable Activity Calendar!

30 Day LEGO Challenge FREE Printable Activity Calendar!

This FREE Printable LEGO Challenge will engage your kids in fun STEM activities for 30 days. Perfect for a little building fun every day!

I think we can all agree that one of the toys with the most educational value available is LEGO! The skills children learn from playing with these little building blocks are surprising and useful!

For younger children, fine motor skill can be mastered in the long hours that they spend building to their heart’s content. While they play, the muscles in their fingers become stronger and help them with readiness in other skills- like writing!

Preschoolers and lower elementary aged kids can also learn team work from cooperatively building with LEGO! When having to share blocks and create together, they will no doubt need to compromise on their finished product.

Older children- tweens, and even teens- can learn important STEM concepts from working and playing with LEGO. The basic idea of science is to come up with an idea and prove it practically and LEGO provides a lot of opportunity for that!

In fact, it could be argued that LEGO is one of the very best tools for a living math or engineering education! Symmetry, volume and quantity are a part of every LEGO creation. Want to build a space ship? Then you will need to experiment and figure out what it takes to make it stand up stand up. Will all side need to be equal? What kind of design will you need to make it visually appealing?

We created this 30 Day LEGO Challenge to help you implement these learning tools in your home!

LEGO Challenge Printable

Here are some ways you can use it:

  • Choose a specific time of day to be your LEGO time- maybe right after completing a difficult chore?
  • Build with friends! You can work on one creation together or have a building race!

  • Reflect on your child’s creations when they are done. Take a picture, have them write a few sentences about it, or just talk about why they chose to build like they did. This will reinforce the logic and decision making of the project in their brains!

LEGO Challenge Printable

However you choose to use this building challenge, your family is sure to have a lot of fun with it!

Download now! (FREE For Subscribers)

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