Star Wars Activity Pack For Kids (FREE Printable)

Star Wars Activity Pack For Kids (FREE Printable)

This Star Wars Activity Pack for kids is 3 super fun printable games that are Star Wars themed and FREE to download!

Have you introduced your kids to Star Wars yet? Are they huge fans of Luke and Leia? Or, do they prefer Han Solo and Chewbacca? 

Are you planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland to visit Galaxy’s Edge? Or, do you just want a fun and easy activity to do to celebrate May the 4th (the unofficial Star Wars holiday)? 

I have to tell you, I LOVE Star Wars. I am a Generation X Mama all the way and I grew up with the original trilogy. My brother and I played with Star Wars action figures and I collected Return of the Jedi playing cards. By the time I was in college I could recite every line of Star Wars IV: A New Hope– one of my all time favorite movies to this day.

So, naturally I want to share that love and excitement for all things Star Wars with my daughter. 

I love this Star Wars Activity Pack so much. Your kids will have so much fun doing these games and bonus– it may even count as Language Arts work! (or so I tell myself). 

Star Wars Activity Pack for Kids

Click here to grab the activity pack!

What is the best age level for these star wars games?

These games are most appropriate for grade school-aged kids. However, if you have a very young Star Wars lover, you could do these activities with them. 

Which games are included in the activity pack?

The first game in this activity pack is a really cool word search. There are 20 words and they are not all easy to find. 

star wars activity printable pack

The second activity is a word scramble. This is why I kind of think these fun activities could count as language arts… spelling! And don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with Star Wars. There is an answer key!

star wars activity printable packAnd this fun A-Z Challenge absolutely counts as language arts. Your kids can get super creative thinking of words that start with each letter AND are related to Star Wars!

star wars activity printable pack


Download your Star Wars Activity pack now for free


Click here to grab the activity pack!

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