Best Gifts For Hatchimals Lovers

Best Gifts For Hatchimals Lovers

These are the best gifts for Hatchimals lovers; especially if your Hatchimals lover already has all the Hatchimals.

Hatchimals are everywhere you look! Even if your child has every last one of the Hatchimals, there are always going to be more Hatchimal themed gifts you can get for them!

No matter which one is their favorite, these gift ideas are perfect for the collector, or just someone looking to get into Hatchimals. While you can always get them a traditional Hatchimal, there are way better gift options out there! Here are the best gifts for Hatchimal lovers.

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best gifts for hatchimals lovers

1. Hatchimals Coloring Book

If your kids love Hatchimals, they will love this coloring book! The whole book is Hatchimal themed!

2. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles: The Official CollEGGtor’s Guide

If you are shopping for a serious collector, they will love this official CollEGGtor’s guide.

3. Hatchimals EGGventure Game

If you don’t want another Hatchimal in your house, consider getting this fun Hatchimal game instead!

4. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Waterfall Playset

This fun waterfall playset is an awesome playset for your kids! It even comes with a new Hatchimal!

5. Hatchimals Secret Scene Playset for Hatchimals

This glittering garden scene is the perfect playset for any Hatchimal lover.

6. My Egg Crate Storage Organizer

If you are looking for a great way to store your Hatchimals, this storage organizer is a great way to put your eggs on display!

7. Hatchimals Colleggtibles Pop-up Game: Race to The Nest

This fun Hatchimals themed pop up game is a fun way to incorporate Hatchimals into the classic game of Trouble.

8. A Hatchy Birthday Party Sticker Stories

These sticker stories are a great way to take a break from the millions of Hatchimals out there and still get something different for your Hatchimal lover.

9. Hatchimals Mystery

If you are looking for a fun gift idea for your child, this fun mystery Hatchimal will give them a surprise gift with a new Hatchimal in each batch!

10. The Royal Hatch Hatchimals

In case the glittery Hatchimal eggs weren’t enough, these adorable royal hatch collection Hatchimals are fun to collect!

11. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, 12 Pack

This fun 12 pack will give your little one 12 different chances for new Hatchimals to add to their collection.

12. Hatchimals Stationery Set School Supplies

This fun Hatchimal stationery set is perfect to take to school, or to use at home!

13. Hatchimal Colleggtibles Breezy Beach Light Up Nest

This light up nest is so cute and it lights up!

14. Hatchimals Colleggtibles – Sweet Smelling

This is a fun way to not only store your Hatchimals, but even more to collect!

15. Hatchimals Lunchbox

If you are looking for a new lunchbox, you can’t go wrong with this Hatchimal egg lunchbox!

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