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Autumn Charades Game FREE Printable

Autumn Charades Game FREE Printable

This Autumn Charades Game FREE Printable is perfect for family bonding this fall. Such a fun idea and it’s free!

There are so many things to love about Autumn. The crisp weather, caramel apples, cozy sweaters, jumping in a huge pile of leaves! 

Fall is the perfect time for some quality family bonding. The weather is perfect for camping, hiking, or that amazing fall festival or pumpkin patch. But since the weather is cooler, it is also the perfect time to get cozy inside the home too. 

This Autumn charades game is a fun way to make some fall memories with your kids this year! The best part is this game printable is FREE for subscribers! Find out more below!

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Why charades is a fun game for the entire family

Have you ever played charades with your kids before? It really is the perfect game for the entire family. If you have kids who can’t read, they can get help from someone else in the family, but otherwise your kids will all be able to join in the fun.

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This game is guaranteed to get your entire family laughing hysterically too. Do you know what you look like ‘acting out’ eating corn on the cob? Ha! Think about your elementary school aged kids hamming it up for every one too!

This game is super simple to set up. There are 26 scenes to act out. Just print out the printable (see below) and cut each of the game cards out. Put them all in a basket or hat and have each family member take turns picking a card and then acting it out.

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If you want to get competitive, you could have teams and the winning team gets to pick dessert or something. 

All game cards have a fall or autumn themed activity on them like raking leaves, baking a pie, or playing football. 

The idea is that the player will act out what is on the game card without using words or sounds.. and the rest of the players (or their team) will guess what they are acting out! You could also set a timer if you think that will be fun for your family!

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