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20 Easy Ways to Enjoy the Fall Weather as a Family

20 Easy Ways to Enjoy the Fall Weather as a Family

There are so many fun ways to enjoy the fall weather as a family. These are our favorites!

The cool, crisp air and beautiful scenery make the fall a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors. And spending time outside with your family during the fall months is the perfect way to make some amazing new memories for your kids!

Luckily, it’s easy to enjoy the great outdoors during the fall. If you’re looking for some simple ways to enjoy the fall weather as a family, check out these awesome ideas.

enjoy fall weather as a family

Enjoy the Fall weather as a family!

1. Play in the leaves. This classic fall activity is a tried and true way to spend a fall afternoon. Grab a rake and clean up the leaves in your yard. After you have a nice big pile, let your kids jump in and enjoy making a mess with the leaves.

play in leaves

2. Take a color walk. The fall months are full of beautiful colors. Head outside as a family and decide on a color to find. Then let your kids explore as you walk, searching to find as many different things of that color as they can along the way. Whether you collect the items they find, or just take a photo of them with your phone, your family will have a blast on this fun fall scavenger hunt.

color walk

3. Go on a scavenger hunt. Speaking of scavenger hunts, why not create a fall-themed hunt for your kids. Give them a list of fall items (red leaves, acorns, pumpkins, etc.) then go for a walk around the neighborhood to find everything on the list.

scavenger hunt

4. Pick your own apples. The fall is apple season! Head to a nearby orchard and walk around through the trees, trying to find the perfect apples. And when you get home, you can bake a delicious apple dessert to enjoy as a family.

pick apples

5. Bob for apples. Or you could use some the apples from the orchard to play the classic fall game – bobbing for apples.


More fun fall weather ideas!

6. Go for a hike. There is no better way to enjoy the fall weather as a family than to head out on your favorite hiking trail. Enjoy the beautiful fall foliage as you get some exercise together on a family hike.

fall hike

7. Check out a fall festival. With so many great reasons to celebrate, fall is the perfect time for a festival. From pumpkin festivals to Halloween celebrations, your local area is sure to have a fun festival to enjoy as a family this fall.

fall festival

8. Build a bonfire. Chilly autumn nights are perfect excuse to build a bonfire in your backyard. Roast some hot dogs and marshmallows and warm up by the fire as a family one evening.


9. Go camping. The clear, cool weather makes fall a great time to go camping. Head to your favorite campsite, set up a tent, and spend the night outside, enjoying the beautiful fall weather.



10. Go to the farmer’s markets. From crisp red apples to succulent squash, the fall is full of delicious foods. Take advantage of the harvest during a trip to your local farmer’s market.

Don’t forget about Halloween either!

11. Get scared. One of the most fun parts of fall is Halloween! Do some research and find a family-friendly haunted house or hayride, then spend a little time getting scared together this fall.

12. Watch a movie outside. Another fun way to get scared this fall is with a scary movie marathon. Why not take your movies outside and host an outdoor movie party this fall?

summer fun in maryland

13. Pick a pumpkin. Fall wouldn’t be complete without heading to the pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin!

pumpkin patch

14. Carve a pumpkin. And after you’ve found a great pumpkin, head to the backyard to decorate it. Whether you carve a scary face or paint a fun design on the outside, you’re sure to have fun together as a family.

carve pumpkin


15. Have a picnic. Make your favorite fall lunch, grab a blanket, and enjoy your meal in the backyard.

16. Tailgate at a football game. The fall is also football season. If your family is a fan of your local team, head to the football field and tailgate before a game.


17. Go on a bike ride. Take advantage of the crisp fall weather to go out together on your bikes.


18. Plant some veggies in your garden. Just because summer has come to an end, doesn’t mean gardening season is over. Cold weather plants like kale, lettuce, asparagus, and spinach are perfect for a fall garden.

family volunteer on earth day

19. Go through a corn maze. There are so many fun farm activities available to families during the fall months. From hay rides to corn mazes, your family will have a blast at your local farm during the fall.

corn maze

20. Decorate for Halloween. Transform your house into a haunted house for Halloween by adding spooky decorating on your porch and throughout your yard.

Great ideas for more fall family fun!

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