10 Awesome Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping This Fall

10 Awesome Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping This Fall

There are so many awesome reasons to take your kids camping this fall. The weather, the colors, the smores!

Camping is the perfect way to spend time with your family. In addition to giving everyone the chance to connect without distraction, camping also allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature for a few days. And while camping during the summer months is great, fall camping can be a very enjoyable experience.

If you’re searching for a fun way to spend time with your family this fall, consider a camping trip! Here are 10 awesome reasons to take your kids camping this fall.

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The View

color walk

Nature is never more beautiful than during the fall. Pitching a tent in the middle of a wooded area during the fall months provides you with an amazing view throughout your camping trip.

The changing leaves provide an array of beautiful colors to look at throughout the forest. And the chances of catching a glimpse of an animal or two is higher during the fall as well!

Respect for Nature

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Camping during the fall months is a great way to help instill a respect for nature in your children. In addition to taking in the beauty of the season on a family hike, spending time in nature is a great way to teach your kids the importance of preserving the natural land.

From keeping your campsite clean to teaching your kids how to enjoy nature without leaving a footprint, camping is a simple way to help them be more respectful of the world they live in.

The Weather


While the fall days are often warm enough to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities, you don’t have to worry about sweating in your tent as you sleep each night. Without the heat and humidity of the summer months, your kids can fully enjoy sleeping outside each evening.

And with those cool nights, also comes the chance to enjoy spending time together around a warm fire each evening before your family heads to bed.

Less People

Camping during the summer months can get a little crowded. But thanks to school being in session during the fall, campsites are often much less crowded.

That means you can truly enjoy getting back to nature with your kids during a fall camping trip. And in addition to having fewer neighbors at your campsite, you’ll also be able to enjoy the hiking trails and waterways without the crowd, too.

Quiet Time

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Our modern world is filled with so much noise – often our kids don’t really know what true quiet time is. A day in nature without technology can help give your kids peace of mind, which is something they may not have experienced before. And while they may not truly appreciate the silence today, it’s sure to make an impact on them that can last a lifetime.

No Bugs

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One of the worst parts about camping during the summer months is the bugs. But the cool fall weather makes the presences of bugs, like pesky mosquitoes and flies, almost nonexistent. That means you can enjoy sitting at your campsite without the need of citronella candles or have a meal outside without constantly swatting flies as you eat!

Fall Camping Fun

pick apples

Another great part about camping during the fall is all the unique opportunities for outdoor fun that you just can’t have during the spring and summer months. Outdoor activities, like apple picking or a visit to the pumpkin patch, are great ways to spend a day away from your campsite.

And organized campsites often host a variety of fun fall events from campsite trick or treating and pumpkin contests to fun harvest festivals. And those ideas are on top of the traditional camping activities to enjoy in the fall, like hiking, boating, and fishing.

Amazing Food

camp food

One of the best parts of camping is the food! And the fall is filled with amazing flavors, which means you’re sure to have some delicious fall meals at your campsite. From stew cooked in a Dutch oven over an open flame to fire-roasted marshmallow s’mores, your family is sure to enjoy a variety of yummy meals while camping during the fall.

Survival Skills

Going camping means you kids will have to learn to make due without many modern conveniences. From learning to start a fire on their own to learning how to use the bathroom without plumbing, camping teaches so many amazing survival skills. And these skills are something they can take with them as they grow into adults.

Make Lasting Memories

Spending unplugged, uninterrupted time with your family in nature is a sure-fire way to make some lasting memories. From camp cooking mishaps to playing fun campfire games in the evening, there are so many amazing ways to make memories for your kids while camping this fall.

And the best part about camping memories is that they’re often inexpensive, usually involve the whole family, and are always screen-free!

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