20 Fun Family Winter Activities

20 Fun Family Winter Activities

These ideas for fun family winter activities will totally cure cabin fever and help your family make awesome memories even if the weather is cold outside!

Winter is finally here! While it may be a little chilly outside, there are still a ton of really fun activities that you can do as a family! Don’t let the cold weather stop you from having fun as a family! These are not only great for family bonding but can also be a great way to pass the time while your kids are on Christmas break!

These ideas don’t cost a lot of money, but they are fun things you can do during the winter months! Here are 20 fun activities to do as a family this winter season.

fun family winter activities

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1. Homemade Snow

This is a great recipe for how to make your own snow!

2. Paper Cup Luminaries

These luminaries would be perfect for winter solstice. 

3. Melting Snowman Experiment

This is a pretty cool science experiment your kids will love. How long will it take Frosty to melt?

4. Spiced Polar Bear Cookies

These polar bear cookies would be perfect to make for a cold snow day. 

5. How to Catch a Snowflake

A fantastic and simple winter science experiment.

6. Build a Snow Fort

Challenge your kids to see what kind of a snow fort they could make this winter?

7. Peppermint Snow Ice Cream

Oh, yes please.. the taste of Christmas and mixing it with snow?

8. Read a Winter Picture Book

There are so many great options for Winter-themed picture books.


9. Freezing Bubbles

Another fantastic science experiment your kids can only do during the winter!

10. Christmas Sleigh Ride

Younger kids will love this chance for imaginative play.

11. Build an Igloo

This is a pretty cool engineering feat your kids will love!

12. Paper Snowflakes

These paper crafts are really fun to make.

13. Build a Snowman

Building a snowman is the quintessential snow day activity.

14. Make Gingerbread Houses

You have to make a gingerbread house during Christmas… but this is a fun activity other winter months of the year too!

15. Paint the Snow

Your kids can get super creative with this paint the snow activity.


16. Make Snow Cones

Snow cones out of snow? How cool is that?

17. Snow Storm in a Jar

A great science activity to do inside during the winter.

18. Indoor Snowball Fight

Kind of like a Nerf Gun War, but with soft snowballs.

19. Maple Syrup Snow Candy

This is the perfect winter activity to do. Have you ever tried to tap maple sugar from a tree? Why not make candy out of it!

20. Make Holiday Decorations

These festive paper stars are really fun!



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