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Video Chat Scavenger Hunt For Kids (FREE Printable Game)

Video Chat Scavenger Hunt For Kids (FREE Printable Game)

This video chat scavenger hunt printable is a great game kids can play to socialize during times of social distancing.

This is a fantastic game for kids to play anytime they are separated from friends!

How to Keep Kids Socializing During Social Distancing

Current events have changed our way of life, at least for the time being. Younger children, especially, need their friends more than ever. Going from seeing your friends daily to not seeing them at all can be very stressful. That’s where video chat platforms like Zoom, Skype and Marco Polo come in. In addition to being used for online classes, these apps are also great for chatting with friends and family.

Video Chat Socializing

There is a huge uptick in the number of users on these websites, as people all over the world look for ways to get some face time with friends and family. Moms are meeting for virtual coffee chats, Families are watching church sermons via Facebook live and even birthday parties are being held in Zoom chat rooms.

What to talk about?

When it comes to traditional video chatting, some children may find the setup awkward and they might also struggle with what to talk about. That’s where this new printable Video Chat Scavenger Hunt comes in! My kids have literally spent hours talking to their friends on Marco Polo, sharing stories about their possessions and favorite objects!

How to play

This game is so simple, yet so clever. First, all participants need to download this Video Chat Scavenger Hunt and print it out. Then, all the kids can take turns going through the categories and sharing items they find around the house that fit in each section. You’re going to want to record these sections because the things your kids will say are going to be so cute, trust me.

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Other ways to play

This game is also perfect for a virtual class reward! For teachers who want to reward good behavior or just give their students something extra to smile about during this uncertain time, the video chat scavenger hunt is perfect. All you need to do is assign each student one item from the sheet and let them share what they find!

Download this great video scavenger hunt printable now!

This is a fun game and the printable is FREE for subscriber!

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