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Adorable Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts for Kids

Adorable Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts for Kids

These Mother’s Day handprint crafts for kids are really so sweet. They would make a perfect gift for kids to give Mom on Mother’s Day or any other occasion!

Handprint crafts are such a great craft idea for kids to give as gifts. Typically handprint crafts are easy to make and then your kid’s handprint is immortalized in a sweet keepsake craft you can cherish pretty much forever. 

Mother’s Day is a great occasion to work with kids to make a sweet Mother’s Day handprint craft because you know Mom will love it. Kid will love making and giving these gifts too because they are literally a piece of them!

Mother's Day Handprint Crafts

1. Cupcake Handprint Mother’s Day Card

Oh my goodness this card is so cute… and it has a cherry on top too!

2. Butterfly handprint card

These little butterflies won’t flutter away but they sure will make your heart flutter!

3. ‘You Are My Sunshine’ Handprint and Footprint Canvas

This is a keepsake Mom will cherish forever… we made this and I hang it up every single year!

4. Mother’s Day Handprint Flower

This sweet little flower pot paper craft is very unique, especially since the flower stems are kid fingers!

5. Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish Keepsake Craft

I love the paint swirl on the hand of this jewelry dish!

6. Mother’s Day Handprint Flower For Kids

Another fun take on the handprint flower pot craft.

7. Handprint Cactus Mother’s Day Card

This cactus is not prickly at all!

8. Salt Dough Hand and Foot Heart Keepsake

This hand print and foot print heart keepsake will make Mom’s heart melt.

9. Shell Frames With Handprint Keepsake Gift

This shell frame would be a great idea for any Mom who loves the beach or ocean!

10. Kid Made Picture Frame

These handprint daisies are so happy and adorable!

11. Handprint Roses

And this is a bouquet of roses Mom will love forever!

12. DIY Mother’s Day Flowers

Another simple and colorful bouquet of flowers for Mom!

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13. Handprint Flowers

The jewels on this bouquet really make it pop!

14. I Love You This Much Kid Made Card

This cute card expands to give Mom a hug.

15. Paint Your Own Pottery Gift Idea

Make this pottery plate and have it fired at your local pottery shop for a fantastic gift idea.

16. Handprint Family Tree

The hands make the leaves on this pretty tree!

17. Salt Dough Handprint Bowl

This is the sweetest handprint bowl you will ever have on your dresser. A sure winner for a Mother’s Day gift!

18. DIY Handprint Coasters

A great idea for a sweet coaster Mom can set her coffee or tea on.

19. Sweet Handprint Poem

I love the soft pastel colors of this gift… and the poem is incredibly lovely.

20. Mother’s day Ideas

This pillow would look lovely on Mom’s bed or the couch! The handprint flowers are precious!

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21. Handprint Flowers Tissue Paper

These tissue paper flowers are made of hand prints. How awesome is that?

22. Mother’s Day Hand Print Art

Ooooh. This little handprint girl is so sweet!

23. Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers

Put these handprint flowers in a pretty frame for a great gift for Mom!

24. Hand print Flower Apron

Mom would love to don this apron when cooking in the kitchen! A fun and whimsical keepsake gift!

25. Handprint Flower Pot

Pare this super cute flower pot with a photo of your kids and Mom will cherish these flowers forever.

26. Magical Mother’s Day Unicorn

Rainbows and unicorns and handprints for Mother’s Day!

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