20+ FREE Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Kids To Give

23 FREE Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Kids To Give

Your kids don’t need to spend money to make you feel special. Here are over 20 FREE Mother’s Day gift ideas they can give you!

Do your kids want to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day? Kids love making Mom feel special and why wouldn’t they? Moms are usually the center of their universe! Every day Moms everywhere sacrifice to run the household, make life better for the family, and love their kids. 

Kids have the sweetest ideas for how to celebrate Mom. What kids don’t have is cash… or at least, a lot of cash. Why not give Mom a FREE printable coupon book for Mother’s Day? Printable coupon books are such a great idea because your kids can personalize them with ideas that Mom will love. 

Also, the coupons could be for things that cost money. But the beauty of a coupon book, is kids can give things that they can actually do that Mom actually wants or need. Don’t believe me? Here are some awesome idea for FREE things your kids can give to Mom on Mother’s Day. 

free mother's day gift ideas

Great ideas for the Printable Mother’s Day Coupon Book

1. Make Mom breakfast in bed.

2. Everyone makes dinner and cleans up while Mom relaxes.

3. Give Mom the gift of solitude– make plans to leave the house for an afternoon and let Mom have quiet time.

4. Give Mom the gift of time– give Mom a literal kitchen pass so she can go out with friends to do something fun.

5. Clean out Mom’s car; inside and out.

6. Plan a picnic and nature walk at Mom’s favorite park. Don’t forget to bring the bubbles!

7. Make Mom a mixed tape. Ok, I know mixed tapes aren’t a thing anymore (they should be) but why not make Mom a playlist of her favorite songs– or even a playlist of songs that make you think of her. 

8. Fold and put away the clothes– socks included.

9. Family movie night and Mom gets to pick the movie!

10. Speaking of getting to pick, why not let Mom pick the music the next time you take a road trip!

11. Make a list of all the things Mom does that you are grateful for.

12. Make a list of all the reasons why you love your Mom. If you want to be super sentimental you could make the list into a work of art, or a song, or poem, or even a short play!

13. Let Mom sleep in for as long as she wants to sleep.

14. Plan a tea party with Mom, complete with fancy tea sandwiches, cookies, and fun decorations. 

If you want to give Mom a Gift that isn’t free (but she will love) check out these ideas:


15. Dessert of the month club! Tell Mom every month you will make her a special dessert. Every month for a year. Yummy!

16. Family game night and Mom gets to pick the games!

17. Give Mom a back rub, shoulder rub, neck rub, or even just brush her hair. 

18. Make dinner fancy– candles, fancy plates, sparkling cider, classical music. 

19. Make plans to go with Mom to an art museum.. and let her take her time.

20. Family arts and crafts night! Make plans to make a craft or art canvas with Mom. If your Mom hoards craft supplies (like I do.. shhhh.. it’s a thing) this really truly is a free gift. 

21. A coupon for unlimited hugs! Seriously.. this coupon could be the favorite of the entire list!

22. Make Mom a scripture a day or inspirational quote a day jar.

23. Tell Mom you will clean up your room… and then do an excellent job of it!

Free Printable Mother’s Day Coupons!

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More fun Mother’s Day ideas for kids!

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