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20+ Fantastic Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids Ideas

20+ Fantastic Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids Ideas

These Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids ideas are all really fantastic and even younger kids would be able to make these gifts.. which would totally make Mom’s day special!

Clearly Mother’s Day is a special day for Mom. But did you know it is almost as special for kids too? That’s right! Kids love to shower their Moms with love on Mother’s Day. Of course, most young kids don’t exactly have the means to go out and buy Mom a gift or something like flowers. And really… a Mom with young kids isn’t even expecting that.

But something that would absolutely put a smile on Mom’s face is a handmade gift from their kids. Also, imagine the sense of pride and swell of warmth in a kid’s heart when they give Mom a heartfelt and homemade gift for Mother’s Day that she will cherish for years to come. Yep… handmade Mother’s Day gifts from kids are the best thing ever!

This is a totally fantastic list of fun handmade Mother’s Day Crafts that even younger kids can totally make for Mom to show her how much they love her!

Mother's Day Crafts For Kids

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1. Mother’s Day Card Craft

The paper tulips on this card are totally adorable

2. Mother’s Day Button Letter Craft

You could personalize this craft with Mom’s initials or name too!

3. I Love Mom Thumbprint Craft

A cute card and part Keepsake Craft as the decorations are from the kid’s thumbprints.


4. DIY Pine cone Rose 3-D Card

Small painted pine cones really make this card pop!

5. Butterfly Hand print Card

These butterflies are so pretty.. and Mom will love that their wings are made from the hand-prints of their kiddos.

6. Flower Thumbprint Planter

A really sweet gift Mom can use to plant pretty flowers.

7. I love you because mother’s Day craft

The petals on these flowers include all the reasons kids love their Mom!

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8. Tin Can Planters

Recycle a few cans, paint them and create this sweet Mother’s Day gift.

9. Bouquet of fingerprint flowers

Another sweet keepsake craft that even super young kids can make mostly on their own.

10. Homemade Plant-able Seed Paper

This is interesting because the tutorial tells you how to make seed paper.

11. Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

This flower bouquet is made from cupcake liners. Very pretty.

12. Fingerprint Flower Glass Magnets

These magnets would be a very sweet addition to any refrigerator or office cabinet wall.

13. Flower Pot Craft

I love how this craft uses pipe cleaners and pom poms to create gorgeous flowers.

14. Celery Stamping Flowers Craft

It’s always fun to stamp cards using food! These roses are beautiful.

15. Mother’s Day Kid’s Craft

Give Mom a gold medal for her being an awesome Mom!

16. GEO Flower Steam Craft Loom Band Activity

A great idea to combine art, science, and a gift idea for Mom.

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17. Puzzle Piece Brooch

A simple but very nice little gift that kids can make for Mom. 

18. Handmade Jewelry Dish

Use dry clay to make a sweet little flower-shaped dish for Mom.

19. Felt Flowers Gift

These gorgeous flowers really pop and never die!

20. Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklaces

Mom would love to wear this keepsake necklace!


21. Mother’s Day Coloring Card

Kids will get to make a card out of the word, Mom!

22. Fortune Teller Craft for Kids

Kids love to make fortune tellers.. also called cookie cutters.

23. Salt Art Mother’s Day Craft

Salt art is so much fun… why not make a Mother’s Day card from a salt art painting?

24. Spring Flower Craft

Shaving cream paint makes these flowers really so much fun!

25. Button Chalkboard Craft

A fun craft that Mom can actually use!

26. Easy Mother’s Day Craft

Another super cute bouquet of pipe cleaner flowers!

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