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20 Creative Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

20 Creative Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

These creative paper plate crafts for kids ideas are super fun and very adorable. Great ideas for kids!

Paper Plate Crafts for kids are pretty much my favorite kind of kid craft. Paper plates are so versatile for a craft project because you can pretty much make anything out of them. You can cut the paper plates into fun shapes to make endless projects. Or you can just keep it simple and decorate the plate with paint (or markers or crayons) and glue on other decorative flourishes.

Paper plates are very easy to get. I mean, you can buy 100 paper plates for less than $5 at pretty much any grocery store. 

Paper plate crafts are great for a rainy afternoon project or any other time you need to stay indoors. These 20 ideas are all super fun and would be great for kids of any age. They are all fun and relatively easy craft ideas for kids.  

paper plate crafts for kids

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1. Fruity Paper Plate Envelopes

You can’t eat this fruit but your kids will love making these festive envelopes!

2. Paper Plate Baby Farm Animals

These baby farm animals are cute and this craft is perfect for toddlers because it is very simple. 

3. Bunny Craft For Preschoolers

Here comes the Easter Bunny– hopping into spring. Yes, this adorable bunny craft actually features a hopping bunny.

4. Paper Plate Flower Craft with Tissue Paper

Your kids can get super creative decorating this flowers for a beautiful floral bouquet.

5. Paper Plate Flowers Kid Craft

After your kids paint the paper plate with this craft, you then cut the plate out into the shape of a flower. It’s really super cute!

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6. Rainbow Fish Paper Plate Craft

Based on the popular children’s book, this is a super fun craft about a fish with pretty scales.

7. Paper Plate Unicorn Mask

Once your kids create this fun mask, they can use it for pretend play!

8. Put Me in the Zoo Paper Plate Craft

Another fun craft based on a book. This one is perfect for Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day!

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9. Paper Plate Growing Flower Craft

This paper plate growing flower craft is really such a fun way to usher in Spring!

10. Rainbow Unicorn Paper Plate!

A very pretty craft and very fun for rainbow and unicorn lovers!


11. Hark a Shark Paper Plate Craft for Kids

A paper plate craft and a fun puppet. Great for shark week or for a puppet show!

12. Paper Plate Unicorn Craft for Preschool

Another super pretty unicorn craft that uses craft flowers and feathers for festive flourishes.

13. Paper Plate Puffer fish Craft for Kids

If you are headed to an aquarium, this would be an awesome craft to do with your kids so they know what a puffer fish looks like!

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14. Acorn Craft- perfect for fall or nature!

Are there squirrels scurrying around your yard? Why not help them gather food for the winter with this cute craft!

15. Paper Plate Rainbow

A great craft idea for toddlers and preschoolers. The rainbow is very simple and so cute!

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16. Pelican Craft

A very clever take on this funny looking bird.

17. School Bus craft

Are your kids excited for the start of school and riding the school bus? Why not do this craft with them to capture that excitement?

18. Turtle Craft for Kids

Turtles are so much fun to see at zoos, aquariums, or nature centers. Why not make this fun turtle craft and talk about the different kinds of turtles with your kids?

19. Monster Paper Plate Craft

Rarr!! There really isn’t anything scary about these monsters… except how scary cute they are!

20. Paper Plate Watermelon

A craft so fun and bright you might be tempted to take a bite!


Want more super cute craft for kids ideas? Check these out!

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