Lion Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Lion Paper Plate Craft For Kids

This is a ferocious but so adorable lion paper plate craft for kids! Such a great idea for even young kids!

RARRR! The majestic lion is the king of the beasts. Lions are from Africa but most kids see their first lion at the local zoo. I remember one of the first times we visited our local zoo and got to hear the lion ROAR! Wow… that is not something you would ever forget. 

Lions are powerful and you will not be surprised that lions make great craft ideas for kids! They are such a cute and fun idea for a kid’s craft and there are so many fun ways to make a lion craft for kids. We made this paper plate lion when our daughter was a toddler. And these zoo animal toilet paper roll crafts are totally fun too!

This idea for a lion paper plate craft is fantastic. It was inspired by this craft and it couldn’t be easier for young hands. 

The lion craft really just uses a simple paper plate, strips of paper, googly eyes, and a sharpie. That’s it! 

Check below to find out how to make this craft. It would be a great craft to do with a preschool or early elementary school group, a Bible Class (hello, Daniel and the Lion’s Den!), or even a fun way to welcome March (in like a lion, out like a lamb). 

lion paper plate craft for kids

What You Will Need:

lion paper plate craft for kids

Instructions For How To Make The Lion Paper Plate Craft:

  1. Cut the orange construction paper and yellow construction paper in half lengthwise, then cut the paper into one-inch strips. Set the strips aside.

lion paper plate craft for kids
2. Cut a triangle out of the black construction paper. Glue the triangle in the center of the paper plate.

  1. Add two wiggly eyes on top of the triangle nose. Use the black marker to draw a mouth.

lion paper plate craft for kids
4. Glue the strips of yellow and orange construction paper around the outer edge of the paper plate. Curl the strips by rolling them toward the paper plate and releasing the rolls.

lion paper plate craft for kids5. Glue a second row of yellow and orange paper strips and curl those strips to finish making the lion’s mane.

lion paper plate craft for kids

lion paper plate craft for kids

And that’s it! Isn’t this the cutest ferocious lion you have ever seen?

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