Super Easy Paper Plate Sunshine Craft for Kids

How would you like a super cute and very easy crafts for kids idea now that school is almost over and summer is almost here? Check out this quick and easy paper plate sunshine craft for kids. Sweet Pea and I put this craft together in less than 15 minutes (plus glue drying time). Read on to find out how we made it and check out more crafts for kids ideas for continued summer fun inspiration!

paper plate sunshine crafts for kids

Paper Plate Sunshine Crafts for Kids

When I was a kid, my Grammie always sang the sweetest song about the sun:

“The sun is shining oh so bright. The sun is shining oh so bright. The sun is shining oh so bright! Showing us God’s love!”

As Sweet Pea and I finished this happy little craft I couldn’t help but think of that song and how it always brightened my mood. I hope it brightens your day too!

Materials Needed:

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paper plate sunshine crafts for kids

How to Make the Sunshine

The Setup:

  • Squirt craft glue into a small bowl
  • Squirt a few drops of yellow food coloring into the glue and mix (I mixed with a toothpick). Add additional drops of food coloring until you get the color you want.

paper plate sunshine crafts for kids

  • Pre-cut squares of yellow tissue. You will probably need more than you think. I filled a small bowl with tissue squares.

The Doing:

  • Paint the paper plate with the yellow glue. If you have a younger child (toddler, younger preschooler), you may need to help with this step to ensure the entire plate is covered with glue.
  • Stick the tissue paper squares all over the glue until the entire paper plate is covered. Tip: The colored glue really helps fill in the spaces left by tissue ‘gaps.’ Plus, if the glue is a different shade from the tissue paper, the extra color adds a nice artistic dimension to your craft. Of course, this is a toddler friendly craft.. so maybe you aren’t after the next Monet. Still, it is a nice side benefit.

paper plate sunshine crafts for kids

  • Note: You could choose to paint the entire plate and then stick the paper on, or paint a small section at a time. All roads lead to Rome. You don’t have to be completely speedy, but this is glue– you can’t be slow as molasses either. Again, you might have to assist younger kids with this craft.

paper plate sunshine crafts for kids

  • Squirt drops of glue onto the tissue papered plate for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Let your kid stick on the face parts.
  • Let  the sunshine dry.
  • Cut the sheet of orange foam into 8 strips.
  • Glue each strip onto the back of the paper plate so that they look like sunrays. Let it dry.

paper plate sunshine crafts for kids

There you have it! Isn’t that just about the easiest craft ever?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have fun making this bright sunshine for your home too!

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  1. Funny, the memories that reoccur with the next generation, as you are raising them. Yes, Grammie loved to sing, and Sunshine (both the orb in the sky and the Son) was always a favorite theme of hers, as well as Grampy (You are my sunshine!). It didn’t matter that Gram could hardly carry a tune in a bucket. That didn’t stop her from teaching us all a positive message. Thanks for the reminder, Sara.