Handprint Bouquet Crafts for Kids

I love the idea of handprint bouquet crafts for kids because it is such a sweet way to preserve a moment in time when your little ones were still… little! Sweet Pea and I tried our version of the handprint bouquet at Valentine’s Day time (notice all the red) but this craft could very easily be used for a fantastic Mother’s Day present. Read on to see how easy it is to make!

handprint bouquet crafts for kids

Handprint Bouquet Crafts for Kids

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Materials Needed:

handprint bouquet crafts for kids

How We Made it!

  • Paint your kid’s hand and press firmly onto the white cardstock. Repeat for as many handprint flowers as you would like.
  • Let the handprints dry and cut them out.
  • Glue one pipe cleaner stem to the back of each handprint.
  • Stick the red jewel stickers all over the Solo cup (Sweet Pea loved this part).
  • Tie the red ribbon around the top of the Solo cup. You may want to use tape runner or a few glue dots to ensure it stays in place.
  • Firmly pack the bottom of the Solo cup with play dough. We used green play dough, but any color will do.
  • Stick the handprint flower stems into the play dough and then arrange them so that the bouquet looks the way you want it to!

handprint bouquet crafts for kids

Isn’t that easy? I really love this crafts for kids idea so much because it is really super cute and easy enough that Sweet Pea actually did most of the work. And seriously, how could a Mom or Grandma resist this sentimental keepsake?

Thanks for reading!

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