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Kid’s Kindness Challenge- FREE Kindness Printable

Kid’s Kindness Challenge- FREE Kindness Printable

This Kid’s Kindness Challenge is the perfect way to introduce your kids to a lifelong habit of practicing kindness every day.

Sure, as a parent you want your kid’s to do well in school. You hope you raise them to be productive members of society and teach them how to have healthy relationships. But one of the most important things you can teach kids is to be kind. 

Kindness is like any other habit or muscle. It doesn’t take a lot of work, but it does take consistent effort to be kind all the time. But isn’t that what we want as parents? If our kids grow up to be financially successful but are not kind, they really haven’t achieved anything.

Personally I have told all of my daughter’s teachers that even though I hope she does well in school, I mostly want her to be kind. To treat others the way she would want to be treated. 

And our desire for kids to be kind isn’t completely altruistic either. I mean, kids who practice kindness are actually happier. Being kind benefits the giver as much, if not more, than the receiver. Practicing kindness activates the part of the brain that is responsible for joy, decreases stress and anxiety, and promotes peace in children. 

One way to help kids practice being kind is to do a Kid’s Kindness Challenge with them. This is a fantastic free printable activity that encourages kids to practice random acts of kindness and spread joy on a consistent basis. 

As kids start doing these activities they will quickly realize that it feels super good to make other people happy. That happiness is contagious. And being kind can really help others.. in a real and tangible way. 


kids kindness challenge

Kid’s Kindness Challenge

Even young kids can do a kid’s kindness challenge. These activities are all doable by even young kids. Once they start doing random acts of kindness, they will see how awesome it is to brighten someone else’s day.

These kindness ideas are short and small enough that your kids can do most of them on their own, or with minimal help from you. 

kid's kindness challenge


Kindness activity ideas

There are so many great kindness activity ideas on this challenge. This printable has 16 super easy kindness activity ideas. But you don’t have to be limited by this list!

Why not sit down with your kids and come up with your own bucket list of kindness activities? Your kids would love to come up with their own ideas and you might be surprised at the ideas that are in their heart and head.  

Practice Kindness as a family

A great idea to help your kids internalize kindness is for them to see you practice kindness too! When you brainstorm that kindness bucket list, make some of the kindness activities things the entire family can do. Your kid’s will learn as much from watching you as they will doing kindness activities themselves. 

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Download the kid’s kindness challenge now

You can download this FREE Printable Challenge now and get to spreading happiness as soon as possible!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.