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The Best Olympics Books and Movies For Kids

The Best Olympics Books and Movies For Kids

These Olympics books and movies for kids are the best way to teach your kids about why the Olympics are so awesome!

Are you watching the Olympics? Or are you just looking for some fun books and movies to watch while you are having some downtime in between your own Olympic games at home?

As part of our DIY Summer Camp At Home series, we are hosting a week dedicated to Olympic activities and fun! After a long day of competing, having some movies or books handy can be a nice way to take a break! All of these books and movies are perfect for kids and can be a fun way to learn more about the Olympics. Here are the best Olympics books and movies.

Olympics books and movies

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Olympic Movies

1. Cool Runnings

The classic true story of the Jamaican bobsled team. 


2. Ice Castles

An ice skater’s Olympic dreams meet huge obstacles.


3. I Am Bolt

The story of the fastest man alive.


4. Eddie The Eagle

The story of an amazing British ski jumper


5. Miracle

The miraculous story of the US hockey team during the 1980 Olympics.


6. D2: The Mighty Ducks

Do these kids and their coach have what it takes to win?


7. Lindsey Vonn: In the Moment

The fastest downhill skier in history!


8. Touch the Wall

A great story of a swimmer with perseverance. 



Olympic Books

1. Wilma Unlimited

How Wilma Rudolph became the world’s fastest woman.


2. Proud

The first American Olympian to compete while wearing a hijab.


3. How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals

A great story about Michael Phelps and his swimming career!


4. Wilma Rudolph

Another great story about Wilma Rudolph.


5. I Got This: To Gold and Beyond

The true story of gymnast Laurie Hernandez.


6. Unbeatable Betty

The story of Betty Robinson, the first female Track and Field Gold Medalist.


7. The Boys in the Boats

The true story of one American Olympic team’s quest to compete at the 1936 Olympics.


8. What are the Summer Olympics?

A great introduction to what the Summer Olympics are.


9. Who Was Jesse Owens?

When the Olympics not only leads to amazing wins, but also a human rights story worth telling over and over again.


10. Ancient Greece and the Olympics

The origins are how we got the Olympics.


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