Super Fun Olympics Crafts For Kids To Make

Super Fun Olympics Crafts For Kids To Make

These Olympics Crafts For Kids are super fun and great for getting kids excited about the Olympic Games!

While the summer Olympics are just around the corner, so is Olympic week in our household! To help keep the kids entertained this summer, we are having a summer camp at home series here on the blog!

Every week there will be a new theme for each week that your kid will love! Olympic games are so much fun, and while your kids won’t necessarily be competing, there are still so many fun crafts they can make! These are all so easy to make that even your younger kids can get involved! Here are the best Olympics crafts for your kids to make.

Olympics Crafts For Kids

1. Olympic Torch Craft

These are great torches for the Olympics.

2. Coffee Filter Olympic Rings

This is a simple and relatively low mess craft that uses coffee filters to make Olympic rings.

3. Olympic Torch Painting

A pretty Olympic torch painting project.

4. Olympic Torch Craft

Another fun take on the Olympic torch. This one uses strips of tissue paper.

5. Gold Winner Trophies

A clever way to create your own gold trophies. 

6. O is for Olympics Craft

Put those Froot Loops to good use to make this O-craft.

7. Origami Olympic Rings

Origami is a great art technique and a fun way to make Olympics rings.

8. T is for Torch

T is for Torch… Olympic Torch! A fantastic way to teach your kids the letter T with a craft.

9. LEGO Olympic Rings

If you have a LEGO-lover, this craft will totally interest them.

10. Make Your Own Olympic Medals

These Olympic medals are really fun and easy to make. 

11. Handprint Olympic Medal

A fantastic keepsake handprint medal that could also be an ornament.

12. Alphabet Beads Team Bracelets

Like a friendship bracelet, only for an Olympic Team.

13. Paper Plate Olympic Rings

A classic Olympic ring paper plate craft for kids.

14. Olympic Chain Countdown

Are your kids excited about the Olympics? Create this fun Olympics-themed countdown chain. 

15. Olympic Ring Bottle Cap Sort

A fantastic activity that uses recycled bottle caps!

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