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Incredible Superhero Activities For Kids

Incredible Superhero Activities For Kids

These Superhero Activities for Kids are super fun, super incredible, and will totally delight your kids!

Kids love superheroes, and can we really blame them? Superheroes are pretty awesome from being smart and helping others, there are so many things we can learn from them. If your kids are obsessed with superheroes, then they will love these fun superhero themed activities!

They are perfect for any crime fighting lover, or just someone who has a love for all things superheroes! These superhero activities are great for kids of any age, and a great addition to our superhero theme for a DIY At Home Summer Camp. Here are the best superhero activities for your kids to do for superhero week during our stay at home summer camp!

1. Word Logic Puzzle

This Superhero-themed logic puzzle is awesome for older kids!

2. STEAM Challenge

These Superhero activity cards are really fun.

3. Word Search

A great activity to practice spelling and language arts.

4. Superhero Self Portraits

A great online program where kids can transform themselves into a superhero!

5. Marvel Would you Rather Questions

Would you rather eat dinner with Iron Man or Captain America? These questions will be sure to get your kids talking.

6. Superhero Match Up

A great superhero-themed matching game for younger kids.

7. Superhero Slime

This is pretty cool superhero slime. So much fun!

8. DC Super Girls Bingo

These superhero girls are all action!

9. DIY Superhero Repurposed Blocks

Use Jenga bricks to make a fun superhero game.

10. Toilet Paper Roll Superheroes

We love toilet paper roll crafts so much and these superheroes are really cute!

11. Superhero Would you Rather Edition

Another great conversation starter for kids!

12. Superhero Masks

A great activity for a superhero themed birthday party.

13. Science Experiment

Can you make a superhero float? 

14. Alphabet Superhero Memory Game

A super fun way to practice the alphabet with younger kids.

15. Superhero Party Games

These superhero themed minute to win it games are really so much fun. 

16. Spoon Puppets

Who would have thought wooden spoons could be so fun?

17. Superhero Action Training

A great way to sneak in some fun exercise.

18. Homemade Superhero Costumes

These are perfect for pretend play or a Halloween costume.

19. Superhero Initial Sounds Activity

A great way to teach sounds to kids.

20. Superhero Printable Pack

These superhero games are really fun!

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