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40 Out of this World Space Crafts for Kids

40 Out of this World Space Crafts for Kids

These super fun space crafts for kids will give your kids an out of this world experience!

If you have a science lover in your home, then chances are they love all things space! Space is such a great topic to discuss with your kids, and can make for a great craft opportunity too!

Space crafts will give your little ones a chance to learn about the world outside of earth without having to hop on a spaceship! These are also just fun for days when you’re stuck at home, and you’re looking for something fun to do! Here are some out of this world space crafts your kids are sure to love, no matter how old they are.

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Space crafts are so much fun!


1. Easy Paper Roll Rocket Craft

This cardboard tube roll rocket craft is so adorable.. and I love the colors!

2. Name-in-the-Stars Constellation Process Art

Your kids will love making a constellation out of their name!

3. Paper Plate Solar System Spiral

A surprisingly easy craft using a paper plate to illustrate the solar system.

4. Black Glue Galaxy Craft

Black glue is always a fun craft medium, and these planets are out of this world gorgeous!

5. Coffee Filter Solar Eclipse Craft

A great way to teach kids about what an eclipse is.

6. Solar System

This is such a fun craft- kids make paper mache planets!

7. Space Sensory Bottle

A great activity for younger kids in particular.

8. Solar System Easter Eggs

This is a really clever activity to combine Easter Egg decorations and space science.



9. Easy Paper Weaving Rocket Craft 

This is such an easy and fun paper craft. 

10. Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Rocket Craft

This fun craft wraps the toilet roll in Reynold’s Wrap.

11. DIY Straw Rockets

Super simple and fun way to blast off into space-themed fun!

12. Rocket Mouse

A rocket craft based on a fun book.

13. Rocket Ship Craft

A cute rocket craft that uses quilled paper!

14. Easy Galaxy Spin Painting Art Project

Spin art is always so much fun.. this is a super cool activity!

15. Popsicle Stick Rocket Ship

Craft sticks are so versatile and make a great rocket ship in this craft.

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16. Moon Rock Hunt

A fun take on a scavenger hunt!

17. Handprint Art Space Rocket Craft

Handprint art is a great way to make a cute craft and make a keepsake at the same time!

18. Marbled Planets Art

Making marbled paper is one of our favorite ideas.. and making them into planets is really super fun!

19. Make a Paper Space Shuttle

This simple craft really just uses rolled up paper.

20. DIY Galaxy Jar

This is a really pretty Galaxy Jar.

21. Space Rocket Pencil Toppers

Super cute pencil toppers made out of felt. 

22. Earth Day Puffy Paint

This fun craft makes the planet earth out of puffy paint.

23. Watercolor Constellations

Watercolors are always a great activity for younger kids.

24. DIY Rocket Corner Bookmark

These fun corner bookmarks are made out of paper! 



25. Nebula Art

Teach your kids what a Nebula is with this fun art activity.

26. Space Shuttle Paper Craft 

Such a simple and cute paper space shuttle craft.

27. DIY Cardboard Space Shuttle

Blast away! A great use for those old cardboard boxes.

28. Goodnight Spaceman Craft

Another fun paper plate craft based on a children’s book.

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29. How To Build a Solar System Model For Kids Using Quilling Paper

This is a super fun paper quilling craft!

30. Simple & Fun Rocket Craft 

The colors on this paper craft really pop.

31. Solar System Window Clings

Fun! Make your own window clings!

32. Easy Straw Rockets

These straw rockets really look like the Space Shuttle.

33. Cardboard Space Shuttle Craft

This is one of the most realistic Space Shuttle crafts I have seen!

34. Paper Plate Flying Saucer

Fun alien-themed craft!

35. Puffy Planets Solar System Space Craft

Help your kids learn the planets and have a blast at the same time!



36. Solar System Snow Globe

This is really the cutest idea ever!

37. Pie Plate Solar System

You can’t eat this pie, but it sure will be fun for your kids!

38. Pie Plate UFO 

And you can’t eat this UFO either, but don’t let that stop you from having a blast!

39. Constellation Art Activity

Teach your kids to find constellations when they look at the stars!

40. Make a Flying Rocket

Yes.. a flying rocket. So much fun!



Check out these fun ideas too!

family fun free printable resource library

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Shreya Dalela

Monday 22nd of November 2021

Thankyou for sharing such Great ideas! It seems really inspiring.

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