The Best Electricity Science Experiments

The Best Electricity Science Experiments

These are the best electricity science experiments to wow your kids and ignite their love of engineering!

Whether it’s raining outside, or you’re looking for a fun and creative way to keep your kids entertained when you are stuck at home, electricity experiments are perfect for the job!

There are so many fun ways you can add these science experiments to your lesson plans to create a fun and hands-on learning experience for your kids! These are all pretty easy to do at home, and your kids will love them!

You may be able to find most of these materials online or right in your own home! Here are the best electricity science experiments for your kids to do at home.

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1. PumpkiN Paper n Circuits

It’s your kid’s face that will light up with this simple pumpkin circuit experiment!

2. Squishy Circuits

Homemade Play Dough and Battery powered circuits? How could that be anything but a blast?!

3. Glow Salt Circuit 

This is a spooky cool glow in the dark circuit experiment. 

4. Harry Potter Wands

Calling all witches and wizards! You will want to do this experiment before your next game of Quidditch! 

5. Torch Light Simple Circuit

Kids can make their own flashlight. This is a really neat project. 

6. Valentine Light bulb Corner Bookmark

This adorable light up Valentine’s Day card is sure to light up the life of the recipient. 

7. Make a Simple Switch

A great tutorial on how to make a simple light switch. 

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8. Christmas Static Electricity Science Jumping Tinsel

If you have ever gotten an electric charge from rubbing a balloon on your sweater, you will totally understand and love this experiment.

9. Static Electricity: Gravity Defying Snake

An easy experiment that causes a paper snake to move on it’s own.

10. Lemon Battery Science Experiment

Do you think you can turn a lemon into a battery? Why not try this experiment out?

11. Electric Eels

It is really so fun to watch this gummy worm eels squirm.

12. Electricity Experiments

A great explanation of how to use batteries with simple electricity experiments your kids will totally dig.

13. Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment

A great activity for preschoolers to teach them about static electricity.

14. Play Dough Circuits

Another great demonstration of how play dough can be used to build an electric circuit!


family fun free printable resource library

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