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15 Fun Valentine’s Day Party Games for Kids

15 Fun Valentine’s Day Party Games for Kids

These Valentine’s Day Party Games for Kids are really fun and easy for kids of all ages. Great ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

As a kid, I loved classroom Valentine’s Day parties! There were so many fun games and treats to enjoy, but my favorite part was the Valentine’s Day party games we used to play.

As a kid, this was by far my favorite part, because I got the chance to do something besides schoolwork and have fun with my other classmates. If you are trying to plan a fun Valentine’s Day party for your little ones, then I urge you to consider creating some Valentine’s Day party games.

These party games work well for classroom or home parties and are all kid-friendly, of course!


15 Fun Valentine’s Day Party Games for Kids

1. Valentine’s Minute to Win it Games

Have you ever played Minute To Win It? This is a super fun version that is Valentine’s Day themed.

2. Conversation Heart Memory Game

This is a really cute Memory Game. Such a fun idea!

3. Duck Tape Pinata

You can totally make a heart-shaped pinata from duck tape. For real!

4. Partner Match Game

Everyone has a someone. This game helps kids recognize that partners come in a variety of ways!

5. Heart Hopscotch

Get your kids active with this Valentine’s Day Heart Hopscotch.

6. Valentine’s Bingo

This is a cute and bright Valentine’s Day Bingo game.

7. Cupid’s Arrow Toss

Such a surprisingly simple game to put together for an afternoon of fun!

8. My Heart is Bursting Game

There is a fun candy surprise as part of this game!

9. Valentine’s Yahtzee Game

I love the big paper die used for this game.

10. Candy Hearts Game

A great opportunity for kids to share about the things they love.

11. Valentine’s Stacking Game

Stacking these conversation hearts is a great fine motor skill for younger kids.

12. Valentine’s Headband Game

Have you ever played HeadBanz? This is a great version for Valentine’s Day.

13. Valentine’s Day Game

Roll the paper die and then talk about something you love!

14, Musical Hearts

 A fun, active game to play indoors for Valentine’s Day.

15. Hershey Kiss Matching Game

You put the matching part under each Hershey Kiss. Such a sweet game!

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