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Valentine’s Day Cork Painting Craft For Kids

Corks make such fun paintbrushes! Why not try this lovely Valentine’s Day Cork Painting Craft For Kids. It is super simple to create and so whimsical and cute!

I really love making Valentine’s Day crafts with my daughter. Usually winter cooperates and we get a snow day, which is the perfect opportunity for a crafternoon. Either way, isn’t this Valentine’s Day Cork Painting Craft for Kids adorable? I just love all the colors– purples, pinks, etc.. It is such a whimsical and happy craft. Also, it was super simple to make with my daughter. Check out the tutorial below, as well as the other seasonal cork painting crafts for kids we have done!

cork painting crafts for kids

Valentine’s Day Cork Painting Craft for Kids

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Materials Needed:

  • 8×10 blank canvas
  • Acrylic Paint in the following colors: Peach or very light pink for the background (I prefer peach because it makes a nice contrast), light green or yellow green for the grass, brown for the tree, and varying shades of purple, pink, and red. I think we used three different purples, 3-4 different pinks, and one red. When you buy the paint, you can generally get small tubes of acrylic paint for less than a dollar each.
  • Foam paintbrushes; 3 (for the tree, background, and grass)
  • corks, one for each ‘leaf color’ you decide to use
  • 1 paper plate (or two paper plates so you can double up and the paint doesn’t bleed through).

How to Make the Valentine’s Day Tree Cork Painting Craft!

  • The painting for this craft has to be done in three phases so that each part of the craft dries. You can save time by painting the first stage the night before. However, we did this craft in an afternoon, leaving about 1 hour between phases. Anyway, paint the background first. There is really no right or wrong way to paint the background. I painted straight lines of peach paint. My daughter decided to paint the sky swirly.

valentines day crafts for kids

  • Next up is the tree and grass. Again, this is pretty simple. The only thing you need to do is paint numerous branches. For the grass, just use the tip of the foam paintbrush and make slash lines like grass. The other option is you could make a grassy hill. If you decide to do this, you will want to paint the tree first and let it dry before painting the grass.

valentine's day crafts for kids

  • Squirt a small amount of each color of the acrylic paint onto a paper plate (or another paint palette). I used a paper plate only because it was available and cheap.
  • Stick one cork into each paint squirt and set up the paint palette next to the canvas.

cork painting crafts

  • Don smocks and have fun!
  • It’s nice to paint the tree and have some leaves flakes falling from the tree too. You can also have a few leaves on the ground for a nice touch! It is totally up to you!

And here is my cute daughter posing with a number of our creations we made on a snow day!

cork painting tree for every season

We actually made a Cork Painting Tree For Every Season. Here is a link to all four crafts!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.