15 DIY Valentine’s Day Boxes For Kids

15 DIY Valentine’s Day Boxes for Kids

Why not get super fancy this Valentine’s Day and make one of these adorable DIY Valentine’s Day boxes for kids!

Whether you’re preparing for a classroom Valentine’s Day party, or just looking for an adorable way for your kids to keep their Valentine’s, I have some great ideas for you here!

A Valentine’s Day box is an easy craft your kids can make to have a unique place to put all of their Valentine’s goodies! Some of these will re-purpose items you already have at home, and some may even allow your kids to share their unique personalities and interests with their classmates!

Here are 15 DIY Valentine’s Day boxes for kids. These will work for any class size or age, but may require a little parental supervision.

DIY Valentine's Day boxes for kids

1. R2D2 Valentine’s Box

May the Force Be With You.. and this galactic Valentine’s Day box!

2. Puppy Card Box

Puppies are so cute and cuddly.. and so is this box!

3. Butterfly Valentine Box

A very sweet variation on a butterfly toilet paper roll craft.

4. Harry Potter Valentine’s Box

Which house will you be sorted into?

5. Olaf Valentine’s Day Box

Maybe your kid will be given their own personal flurry too? Stranger things have happened.

6. Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box

Rainbows and unicorns.. and everything fantastic!

7. Glittery Heart Shaped Valentine’s Box

Very sparkly and fun!

8. Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box

Another take on the unicorn Valentine’s Box… I love the horn on this one!

9. Robot Valentine’s Day Box

Oooh, very Buck Rogers in the 21st century!

10. Rocket Valentine’s Box

3-2-1 Blast off with this super spacey themed box!

11. Hot Air Balloon Valentine’s Box

Be careful. You could float away with how cute this Valentine’s Day Box is!

12. Cereal Box Valentine’s Day Box

This very simple box gives your kids maximum space for creativity!

13. Heart Mailbox

Your kids will love the painting part of how to make this heart mailbox!

14. Monster Valentine Box

What kind of monster is it? A love monster. 

15. LEGO Brick Valentine’s Day Box

This is a basic but very fun take on a mail box. You are basically creating a big LEGO!

Here Are Some Super Cute FREE Printable Valentines For Kids:

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